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Warning: This post contains spoilers for Interstellar, proceed at your own risk.

Fans of the Christopher Nolan, sci-fi film [Interstellar](movie:813746) will particularly love these monochromatic posters by artist Edgar Ascensão, who has combined several significant elements from the film to create these stunning alternate movie posters.

While the posters do contain spoilers for the plot of the film, those that have watched the movie can enjoy them in all their glory. Take a look at the first one:

This poster is filled to the brim with little nods and references! First of all you have the astronaut helmet and suit, and bookshelf. The bookshelf blends into the helmet in Morse code and colored lines (symbolizing the fifth dimension), which at the very bottom of the helmet spells out STAY, Coopers frantic message to 10 year old daughter, Murph. Fans of the robot TARS will also enjoy seeing him hidden in the middle of the bookshelf.

Ascensão's second poster is a little more light on the movie references but still looks great:

This poster uses the second, minute and hour hands on the watch that Cooper leaves Murph, which is later encoded with morse. Ascensão says he based his poster on "the relationship of father and daughter....the connection between the space travel and Cooper's watch."

For more information on the posters or how to purchase them, check out Edgar Ascensão's DeviantArt page here.


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Source: DeviantArt, Geek Tyrant


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