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Dragon Age: Inquisition is an enormous game, packed with over 100 hours of content. At the moment I'm about 30 hours into this amazing adventure, my day at work is filled with thoughts about what surprises lie in store when I return home to my man-cave.

Naturally, with a world this large and so dense, we are bound to find some typical glitches. It happens to the best of them. Remember Skyrim and its flying suicidal elephants? Those were the days! In DA 3 however, we have this strange glitch where our character just forgets how to talk!

Dragon Age: Inquisition
Dragon Age: Inquisition

Your character will have no available conversation options, they all disappear and you're left standing there in awkward silence, sometimes for even a full minute...and then the conversation just randomly starts again. But it couldn't have happened in a better way to this player, who must have been rolling on the floor laughing!

Oh man that is so good. Giving him the silent treatment was just taken to a whole new level. I had this happen to me at one point, it was just strange, rather than funny. An inopportune moment that just kinda stopped the action. But if you love glitches than you have got to check out this article below!

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