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Step up and onto the bridge of your hulking great star destroyer. Aptly named Dreadnought is set in an era of war and hardship but for the mercenary, it is an age of plenty. Take a variety of space destroyers into savage, open world multiplayer battles.

Dreadnought will be the best 'free to play' game of 2014 maybe even 2015 that you will play. One of our highlight titles from E3 2014, Dreadnought focuses on tactical battle gameplay in spaceships fitting of such a game title. Unlike other space craft sims Dreadnought's focus is piloting immense battle cruisers and the aspects of using real life almost naval like tactics to destroy and overcome other online players in their own herculean star ships.


Dreadnought is brought to us by our new friends over at Yager, In the words of game director Peter Holzapfel, regarding the game's first trailer,

"We wanted to make a statement that we are a game about big spaceships, not small spaceships, and we did that I think."

Indeed, Yager did exactly that with the amusing trailer, though its inspirations for Dreadnought came from the serious side of science fiction. Says Holzapfel,

"The idea came from… there's a lot of very well-loved and known movie references and TV show references, like Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, Han Solo and so forth. But there's not that many games about big spaceships. And we wanted to turn into all those into a game that makes them quickly accessible."


The in-game footage provided below showcases a few different classes of star destroyers. What’s appealing to to the Gamertag team is that Dreadnought plays out in an almost slow and tactical way, feeling more like a naval battle game set on the high seas rather than a space game.

It seems that there’s time to think about tactics and actions and reactions with a direct correlation to the size and ruggedness of your Dreadnought meaning you get plenty of opportunity to destroy a bunch of smaller stuff, rather than the dreaded multiplayer annoyance of insta-death the first time you make a mistake.

Playrers must plot out their conquest of multiplayer battlefields while managing ship subsystems affected by customizable armaments, gear, and crew.

Yes, in between matches, you will be able to upgrade your ships with various attachments and improvements. The customization options have yet to be nailed down regarding all the specifics, such as exactly how many ship classes the game will launch with, and how many secondary abilities players will get to choose from etc but further details have been promised for release very soon.

The classes that we saw


The eponymous Dreadnought absorbs absurd amounts of damage and can launch mini-nukes with a pretty reasonable cool down rate. The artillery cruiser is essentially a giant floating rail gun, making it a flying sniper of sorts. There's even a support class that can buffer allies. With proper teamwork, I imagine Dreadnought becomes a dramatically different experience.

In addition to a standard team deathmatch mode, Dreadnought will also offer an episodic single-player campaign, though Yager doesn't have any details at the moment. The team also declined to comment on its monetization strategy, saying only that it will be done in a “very, very different way” that no one's ever tried before.


Yager plans to open up the Unreal Engine 4 powered game for public testing in early 2015 on PC. Confirmation for next gen console release will come soon after.

Does this look like your type of warfare?


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