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There are two kinds of posters made nowadays.

The first is the regular theatrical release poster which tries to entice without revealing too much of the plot.

The second is the fan made, alternative poster which strives not only to encapsulate the entire plot and themes but also become a piece of art itself.

In the battle between commerce and art, art usually produces the better poster 3 out of 4 times. The geek fan of a movie, a fan with a bit of the creative impulse and a dab more of artistic ability can create some awesome things.

Commerce wants you to see the movie. The art poster wants you to see, love, breathe and live the movie.

Edgar Ascensão, a Portuguese digital artist, has gone beyond commerce to make the ultimate fan tribute poster for Christopher Nolan's Interstellar.

For the non-fan Interstellar Variant 2 (as it is formally known and shown above) is a cool sheet filled with some absurd things. For the true fan, it reveals the secrets of the universe.

Some of those secrets are revealed in the spoiler and artist quotes below. There are for sure more. Feel free to reveal the other Interstellar verities you see in the comments section.

(Please forgive the artist for his imperfect command of English grammar and spelling.)

There is the helmet, the Morse code and the fifth dimension stylized in the lines.This poster is a huge spoiler? Perhaps, but just for those who didn't see the movie, probably will not understand it. It's too cryptic and taht's the way it should be...Below, the word STAY is written in Morse. Some details are meant just to be discreet.

Interstellar Variant 1  by Edgar Ascensão.
Interstellar Variant 1 by Edgar Ascensão.

Based on the relationship of father and daughter.More of a minimal concept, it's the connection between the space travel and Cooper's watch.

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