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Rated 18 (R for Americans) Starring Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Tyler Perry and Neil Patrick Harris as Nick Dunne, Amy Dunne, Tanner Bolt and Desi Collins, respectively.

This will be spoiler free until you see the picture of Ben Affleck as Batman. That is your spoiler picture and if you haven't seen the movie and don't want spoiled, don't carry on from there. Also it's important to know that this is my opinion and in no way reflects every movie goers experience.

So, GONE GIRL is my number 1 of the year so far. Baring in mind that I am based in the UK and we don't get oscar contenders such as Birdman or Whiplash until January.

My reaction to not getting Whiplash or Birdman yet.
My reaction to not getting Whiplash or Birdman yet.

The basic goal of [Gone Girl](movie:833123) is to set the audience in a position where it's questioning every action by its characters and their motivations so as to draw attention away from the real story. The movie actually takes the audience by the hands and leads it on a merry ol' chase through the cinema. It's the equivalent of Rainbow Road on Mario Kart.

Gone Girl is also a representation of media and how things are twisted by the media to portray the male lead in such a bad light, it has you guessing since you see it from both sides. The sides being the husbands, and the audience.

This movie is LONG. I think it clocks in at 149 minutes HOWEVER not a single scene needs cut. Every scene, unlike how i feel about Interstellar, matters and comes full circle TO matter. However a scene seems, stick with it, it WILL matter and it will make sense.

This film features an oscar worthy performance from Rosamund Pike and this is the best we have ever seen from her. In Ben Afflecks performance, we really get shown "this man CAN ACT!" I personally think it put all the Batfleck naysayers in their place to at least give the guy a chance. Tyler Perry....This was my first introduction to Tyler Perry so i cannot say "this was the best role he's ever done" because it's the only role i've seen him in. But his character offered much needed comic relief to this movie as well as being central to the plot. As for Neil Patrick Harris...He is very weak in this film. His character is important but can't help feel underdeveloped and his acting....I think he's done too much comedy to do genuine dramatic performances.

NPH was too comedic for my liking.
NPH was too comedic for my liking.

This movie has David Finchers fingerprints all over it. If you didn't know it was Fincher, you could easily guess. This film twists you left, then right, then left, then leaves you speechless then has you grinning like a puppy while the conclusion comes about. As with all Fincher films, it's directly splendidly well. The cinematography is just brilliant. This film also features one of the best trailers of the year where it leaves the audience thinking "i know what's going to happen" but they don't. People I've talked to (those who've not read the book) didn't guess the movies conclusion.

We're entering the spoiler zone in a moment so final thoughts from the spoiler free part.

This film is amazing. It's beautiful, it's splendid, it's got a story that leaves you speechless.

This film is art. Art at its finest.

I give it a 9.5/10

#TeamBatfleck#TeamBatfleck" title=""> i can get into my element which is SPOILERS. This section will get heated with my opinion and won't be as professional as an amateur reviewer doing as review for the first time will be.

So, this film is about Ben Afflecks character and Rosamund Pikes characters relationship and did Nick Dunne murder his wife.

Nick Dunne is a cheating, lying, scum of a person but that doesn't stop the audience being emotionally invested into his plight....

His plight you ask? That would be the fact that all the evidence points to him killing his wife because Amazing Amy has set Nick up to take the fall for her murder.

My reaction to the Gone Girl twist
My reaction to the Gone Girl twist

Because of course, Amy Dunne is not dead.

Amy Dunne (Rosamund Pike) is an insane, crazy, psycho b*%ch. But she. Is. Awesome. If Rosamund Pike doesn't win Best Actress at the 2014 oscars it will be a travesty in my eyes. The moment her deception is revealed is so well handled, the way it shows her planning it all out and her motivations...It really shows how sick and twisted this woman is.

The chemisty between the lead characters in this film is perfect. From the way Nick Dunne and Amy Dunne meet, to the proposal, to the sugar scene. Each scene with them together shows how sweet and great these characters go along, until the metaphorical crap hits the fan in their lives through the redundancies, moving, Nick Dunnes mother passing away. Ben Affleck really sells the "hated husband" character the media portrays in these cases and you can really see how he has gone from that sweet guy, to the husband who could possibly kill his wife...and the way the audience percieves that is real well done.

The biggest punch in the gut that this film does to it's audience is whenever we see Nick being aggressive to his wife, stalking, being moddy et al are through fake flashbacks read from the diary that Amy meticulously crafted to point the finger at Nick.

One of the darkest moments in this film was the boxcutter scene where Amy cuts Neil Patrick Harris' throat while they're having sex and all the blood from his throat goes over Amy. And of course, that scene straight after where Amy walks up the driveway still covered in blood...It's so cringey since the audience knows what has happened but the media doesn't and the film really plays on that aspect.

Tyler Perrys character summed this film up in the perfect way with this (mis)quote "You are one f$%^ up couple"

This film ended on such a note that left me speechless and struggling not to laugh especially when Nick Dunne is casting doubts to the police over "how did Amy get a box cutter" and the police officer just tells him to leave it alone and "you've got your wife back"

The whole film is a spiteful, delirious mess of a letter that is getting sent, first class, to all media around the world. It's actually the third film i've seen this year that basically give the middle finger to media. The first being Nightcrawler in which the star manipulated crime scenes for his personal gain, the second being Mockingjay with promotional materials that show the difference between fake emotion and real emotion.

All in all, this film was superb. I loved every moment of it. From the reveal of Nicks girlfriend, to the slicing of Desi Collins throat. It's a movie that is as twisted as its characters and I love it for that. Fincher has created a film that should never be forgotten and will forever be known as "b*%^es be crazy" in my mind.


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