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Star as the Hero in single player with AI partners, or unite with friends to forge victory together. Who do you want to be? A fearless warrior? A cunning trickster? Or a paragon of virtue? Maybe you'll become a heartless mercenary or just a chicken chaser.

Fable Legends is based around five characters: four Heroes, and a Villain. Each role may be filled by a player, through online multiplayer, or by an AI. The same game experience is possible regardless of multiplayer or single player (with four AI).

The Game As We See It

Fable Legends takes place four hundred years before the events of the original trilogy. This is a period of magic, folklore, and mythology, and humanity has yet to discover meaningful technology. In typical Fable fashion, most people huddle in small villages, too witless and scared to venture out into the scary world about.

Meanwhile, Heroes are more common in this more primitive age. There is no "Heroes' Guild" yet, and the Heroes must rely on each other to succeed.

The story of one quest revealed at Gamescom told of an ancient artifact called "The Moon on the Stick", which the children of Albion once made wishes to. The Heroes in Fable Legends are on a quest to locate this artifact.

The game is intended to have a 5–10 year lifecycle, and will be integrated into the cloud features of the Xbox One. SmartGlass features will allow villain players to make their plan of attack before a quest


The game is based around five players: four heroes, and a villain. The AI controls the characters in the absence of a human player. The villain player controls the nature of the quest the hero characters embark on, such as where enemies will spawn, how aggressive they are, when the boss will come lumbering out of its lair, when to bring down an impassable portcullis or lay a trap to separate heroes from each other to thwart them.

The villain earns points over time, which can be spent on units. Four of the playable heroes have been identified so far, all of who appear in the announcement trailer.

Unlike other games in the series, Fable Legends is essentially a dungeon crawler, with little in the way of villager interaction, purchase of property, morphing due to alignment, etc. However, the player can customize their hero's weapons, looks, armor, abilities and more.

Like many other games in the franchise, heroes can also use expressions to interact with villagers. In the hub-city of Brightlodge, players have the opportunity to partake in jobs, play mini-games and enjoy pub games. Once the player selects a quest, they are immediately sent out into the world.


Each Hero in Fable Legends is a unique character with unique abilities, powers, and gameplay. Several playable heroes have been identified so far: Sterling, a Prince Charming type of character, who flourishes a rapier and wise cracks; Winter, who is focused on will-based abilities and ice attacks; Rook, focusing on ranged combat with a crossbow; and Inga, a paladin-like character wearing heavy armor, and wielding a sword and shield.

Playable Heroes Are:

  • Glory
  • Inga
  • Jeramiah
  • Leech
  • Rook
  • Shroud
  • Sterling
  • Winter


Fable Legends
Fable Legends

Play the bad guy as never before! As the Villain, take control of the many creatures, traps and hazards that Heroes must overcome. When those pitiful Heroes enter your domain, you choose which minions to send into battle, ensuring your evil plans come to fruition.

The villain player controls the nature of the quest the hero characters embark on and how the quest plays out, leaving the Heroes fate in the evil hands of your mischievous mind.

The Villain has a certain amount of "creature points", which he uses during a setup phase to plan his strategy. Each creature costs a certain number of points to summon. During setup, the Villain can also place a certain number of interactive objects in the quest, such as traps and gates.

Once the battle has begun, the Villain player focuses on ordering his creatures about in real time in a similar manner to an RTS game. He can order the creatures to attack a specific Hero, to activate special abilities, and to position for ambushes. During combat, he can also activate gates to damage and split up the Heroes, and use his traps to distract and wound them.

Experience an All New Albion

Fable Legends brings you back to picturesque Albion, a place where anything is possible and history and myth are one and the same. Each adventure represents an opportunity to discover a story that builds on your accomplishments. Albion is a unique fantasy land where epic, tragic, and comic stories intertwine, creating a one-of-a-kind experience.

Which role will you choose to play in Fable Legends?

Fable Legends is exclusively available on Xbox One consoles and is predicted for release early 2015.

Video sourced from Gamespot and Microsoft.


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