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Sony, the makers of Playstation, have decided to settle with the Federal Trade Commission for the 'misleadingly advertising' for their newest handheld console, the Playstation Vita. The company has now been ordered to financially compensate victims of their disingenuous marketing campaign.

To qualify, you must live in the US and have bought a Vita before June 2012. If you are eligible, you can choose between a $25 refund or a $50 voucher to use in the Playstation Store. Sony has said they will send an e-mail to those affected.

The misleading ad in question
The misleading ad in question

The FTC believed that the remote play feature - which lets players stream games from their PS4 to their Vita - did not work as advertised in reality. They ruled:

The cross platform feature was only available to a few games, and not all of them as implied.

For example, one TV commercial showed the popular first person shooter, Killzone 3, being played on the handheld device. In fact, this game isn't actually compatible with the remote play service.

In addition, the regulator also said that the Deutsch firm responsible for producing the advert had sent out a company-wide email asking all staff to post positive tweets about the feature. The FTC said:

The tweets were misleading, as they did not reflect the views of actual consumers who had used the PS Vita, and because they did not disclose that they were written by employees of Deutsch LA.

It's unclear exactly how much money the company will lose in this pay-out, but with at least a couple million Vitas in North America, it's likely to be a pretty hefty sum!


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