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PlayStation 4 exclusive Let It Die will be a free-to-play survival horror action game with an asynchronous online component, according to a press release from publisher GungHo Online Entertainment. But what does that mean?

Let It Die a title releasing in 2015 exclusively on PS4 has come to our attention but we are still trying to figure out exactly what it is. From the looks of it, it seems to be some sort of online horror based action, multiplayer deathmatch.

See for yourself.

What we know (Which isn't much)

The game features an "element of growth", in that by gradually accumulating experience, and collecting what you need from who you kill.

Let It Die will include a companion app, according to Morishita of Grasshopper Manufacture

"We want to make the most out of the strengths of online play, and the idea of using smartphones to play has been a big deal”, with the goal of the app being allowing players "to completely rely on their smartphones to play"

Suda expends to suggest that the concept of death is relevant throughout the game, and that if one player dies in a game, he will appear in another player's game, making the deaths of players important in the experience of the game, hence the title. The game will have normal AI enemies and dead player characters' avatars.

Let It Die
Let It Die

Details are extremely thin and hard to come by for Let it Die, so we thought we would show you guys the trailer, provide you with a brief pinch of info and ask YOU to tell us what YOU think of this upcoming title. Comment below.


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