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Now give me a break, I'm not suggesting that the President is going to make an executive decision to send a bunch of teenagers into an arena for a fight to the death, or any government in the near future. However, Suzanne Collins didn't totally shoot out into the blue for the idea for The Hunger Games.

So it's a popular theory that the world will one day experience some catastrophe that could change our society forever, and that it is likely that such a catastrophe could be caused by a major nuclear incident, that could restart civilization as we know it. If it comes to that, what is to stop by a new government from establishing a Hunger Games-like concept? It might not be as unlikely as you think, especially after considering these points?

That One Scene

Now there were many trademark scenes in the first Hunger Games movie, from Katniss volunteering to take Prim's place to Rue getting speared, but for me, the most memorable scene was before the games.

This scene is one of the most forgotten yet important scenes in the movie. A little Panem boy runs around with a fake sword and pretends to stab his little sister as Haymitch watches, disgusted at what the world is coming to.

The instant reaction to this scene is the same reaction Haymitch had, disgust. In a movie that is centered around kids brutally murdering other kids, this scene was intentionally ill-received. Think about it though, this happens constantly in our lives and we scarcely give it a second thought.

Have you ever heard of paintball? How about airsoft? Laser tag? All of these center around giving somebody a real-looking gun and sending them to go shoot other people. Many times, these games are played by children, and they usually find it fun. I have personally played all three, and I found them all extremely fun, although, after you watch The Hunger Games, you start to look at these kind of games differently.

One of my favorite activities that I did as a child was lightsaber fighting. I would take a plastic toy lightsaber, give one to my dad, and a few to my sisters before we would re-enact the Duel of the Fates from The Phantom Menace. I look back on it as a fond memory, even though I was pretending to stab my family with fake weapons. Kind of gives you chills doesn't it?

Video Games

Don't get me wrong, I love video games. However, small children love them as well, and many games are centered around death and killing. Some of the most popular games around teenagers are Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed, and Grand Theft Auto, all of which include mass killing. Many individuals, including myself at times, consider these games as fun and don't give much thought to the fact that they are killing, even though it is virtual.

There already people who have integrated The Hunger Games into seemingly-innocent games like Minecraft. They get people to stand in a circle around a group of chests. After the countdown, they grab what they can from the chests and proceed to kill each other. I realize that this is slightly different, seeing as they aren't real kids killing each other, but people are still replicating The Hunger Games. That's kind of scary.

As Sonny Paluso once said in The Survivors "You've got paper targets that look like real people that you're shooting at, so that you can kill with no more though with putting a hole through a piece of paper." If people keep shooting at virtual people, who knows when they might start getting desensitized to real killing. Even kids could get desensitized to killing other kids, much like the Careers in The Hunger Games.

Time For A History Lesson

Ever heard of gladiators? Since 264 BC, Romans have pitted together warriors in fights to the death. These matches became increasingly popular, and eventually ended up the prime source of entertainment for ancient Rome, and many slaves were thrust into the arena at a young age, and forced to battle against other gladiators or fierce animals.

Rome is still commonly referred to as the greatest empire of all time, and they pitted young people against each other in brutal battles to the death. Who knows what may happen in the future?


So what do you think? Could The Hunger Games Actually Happen?


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