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As Series 8 came to a conclusion it didn't do it normally. It did it in the best way possible. Steven Moffat had planned this out really well. As Missy revealed her identity in "Dark Water" as The Master things got even more serious. Missy had planned to make every grave give birth.

With Danny Pink still dead after being hit down by car he is in company with Seb. But for how long? He had a choice to delete himself and remove his emotions. But before anything happened the dead started coming back to life. Not like a normal person but, as Cybermen! Only the Doctor and crew can save the day.

This episode saw the return of past characters. These were Kate Stewart, Osgood and the Brigadier. Kate and Osgood were back with U.N.I.T to help put a stop to everything. It got worse when a load of Cybermen came flying yes flying out of St Paul's Cathedral and in front of the Doctor. With Clara still in St Paul's she is face to face with Cybermen. She tries to fake her identity by calling herself The Doctor! But it didn't work because Cyber Danny knew it was Clara but Clara didn't know it was Danny.

Before the Doctor and Missy knew it they were knocked out and taken on board U.N.I.Ts aircraft. But it isn't long until things go wrong. As the Doctor is made President, Missy is tied up in a room with the TARDIS and Osgood. Without the 2 U.N.I.T Soldiers or Osgood seeing Missy unlocks her handcuffs and places them in Osgood's lab coat pocket. Things were critical when Missy leaps off her seat and grabs Osgood. The two U.N.I.T Soldiers were disintegrated by Missy before they got the chance to do anything. Missy then says to Osgood "Say something nice". Osgood tried her very best to stay alive but Missy didn't approve. Sadly Osgood was killed.

With Missy on the lose on the aircraft the Doctor is in trouble! When Cybermen start taking over the aircraft Missy gets serious. Missy blows a hole in the side of the plane leaving everyone gripping on for the sake of their lives. With Kate being closest to the hole, she can't hold on any longer and sadly falls to her death. But is she really dead. Find out towards the end!

With the aircraft blowing up who survived. This is where we had the excellent shot of the Doctor falling to the ground. But once the camera turns round we saw him chasing his TARDIS. The action music made this shot even more exciting. With the right posture the Doctor made it to his TARDIS. Viewers saw the top of the clouds then suddenly, the TARDIS flies up from the clouds!

Now you are all probably wondering what has happened to Clara aren't you? Well Clara has ended up in a graveyard full of Cybermen. This is where we saw a Cyberman remove the front of it's helmet. Guess who the Cyberman was...Yes it was Danny. Boy was Clara glad to see him! This was the first time we actually saw inside a Cyberman's helmet. Danny doesn't want to be in this state and wants to make Clara happy by removing his emotions. But he doesn't want to do it. He wants Clara to activate him. Clara can't do it, she calls the Doctor for help! The Doctor traces the call and comes to Clara. The Doctor tries his best to stop Clara. But once she orders him to giver her his Sonic Screwdriver she activates Danny.

Yet again Missy shows up but this time in the style of Mary Poppins. As she comes floating down with her umbrella she lands safely. Once Danny comes back he helps save the day! When the Doctor calls out "PE catch" he throws over the bracelet that controls the Cybermen. This is where soldier Danny comes into play. When he orders the Cybermen to burn the sky things look positive. Missy being Missy is against the idea and believes it will not work. Once the Cybermen take off into the sky, the sky becomes more clearer and the clouds are cleared.

As the hour long episode starts to come to an end the Doctor recaps his question he asked Clara, "Am I a good man"? The answer is NO! No he is not a good man, he is an............... idiot. An idiot with a blue box. Well that answered his question.

Well what do we do with Missy. Missy claims she knows the co-ordinates to Gallifrey. This is when the Doctor wants to believer her. He thinks his plan from the 50th Anniversary Special "The Day of the Doctor" works. But the Doctor and Clara both don't want Missy around. Clara wants to kill the Missy. But the Doctor doesn't want Clara to do it, he wants to do it! But before we knew it a beam comes from behind Clara and the Doctor and hits Missy. Who was this? Is Missy really dead or was she teleported away?

So who "shot" Missy? We see a Cyberman stood at the back pointing to his left. On the floor we see Kate Stewart. Kate has been saved! As we all know that the Brigadier sadly died that means he is a Cyberman. He saved his daughter and left her in the Doctors care for now. The Brigadier got what he wanted, the Doctor had saluted the Brigadier! Then we saw CyberBrig take off.

As Clara returns back to her normal life, one night she hears a voice calling her name. This is what happened to Rose in "Doomsday". This time it wasn't the Doctor calling Clara it was Danny. There was room for one just one person to step through and be alive again. Brave Danny doesn't send himself through, he sends through the little boy he killed in the war. Danny requests that the boy is returned to his parents safely.

Meanwhile the Doctor believes Missy's co-ordinates of Gallifrey and goes looking for it. It turns bad once he finds out that Missy lied to him. The Doctor started attacking his TARDIS with anger!

At the end the Doctor and Clara meet up in a cafe. Things were a bit strange once they both lie to each other. Clara says she and Danny are going to be just fine whereas, the Doctor claims he found Gallifrey. They clearly didn't want to disappoint each other.

The Doctor takes off again. But Clara is left on Earth. As the closing credits start they are interrupted. A teaser for the Christmas Special starts. We see Nick Frost who will be playing Santa Claus come into the TARDIS and asks the Doctor what he wants for Christmas.

[Doctor Who](series:200668) returns this Christmas in "Last Christmas". Starring Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman and Nick Frost


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