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Recently, pictures have been released of the actors for the live-action Attack On Titan movie that has been getting very low news on it, the last bit of news we got was the filming location and that the movie would be split into two parts.

Pictured below is the main hero, Eren Yeager, played by Haruma Miura

The next picture is Mikasa Ackerman played by Kiko Mizuhara

Most Noticeably in the picture we can see Mikasa's red scarf which ties into the story of how Mikasa and Eren met and it is nice to see that they carried that over into the film.

This is possibly the farthest they could have gone from the source material, this is Kanata Hongo playing Armin Arlert who in the manga and anime is blonde, they have gone with black hair in the movie. A picture of Armin form the anime is seen below for comparison:

As you can see, they are very different from the anime and manga.

Pictured above is Nanami Sakuraba as Sasha Blouse, or better known among the fans as "Potato Girl" for the characters love of potatoes, this picture seems pretty faithful to the original character.

Takahiro Miura is playing Jean Kirstein in this picture, and it looks pretty faithful but the boots seem to big.

I saved this one for last because it is so far from the source material, and it takes you by so much surprise that you are just like "Wait...what?" when you see this, this movie seems to have a more modern setting because of Hange Zoë (Played by Satomi Ishihara) hugging a rocket launcher.

Attack On Titan has a summer 2015 release date in Japan, and currently, there is no word on when we are getting a trailer and if the movie will make its way over here to the US. We also have not gotten any pictures of what the final design of the titans will look like.


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