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Jeremy Snow

Just the other day I was watching the new episode of Gotham (S01E10: Lovecraft) and saw something amazing. Well maybe it was just my mind that was playing tricks or the writers gave the greatest Easter egg ever!

In the beginning of the episode, Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle were balancing on the railing and the light, through the bannister in the window, caught my eye. I was surprised, not to say the least - just look at the photo.

As we already knew before, DC loves to make interesting appearances, not only as characters, but as shapes, logos, things and even animals. The funny part is, that this could be just a coincidence or a clever trick. Either ways it is quite fun to spot something and to share with others.

So for those who haven't seen this episode of [Gotham](series:1127075), enjoy the spoiler and for those who did, check it out, it is awesome!


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