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In a galaxy far far away... Actually no, scratch that. Let's say... In another dimension called Earth 717, (Yeah, that's sounds more believable) Marvel/Disney never sold the rights of the X-men franchise to Fox Studios and they've they've finally decided to release the first X Men film in 2016.

- side note-

In the previous Marvel films from this alternative universe, mutants have been mentioned. Including Nick Fury complaining about the "mutant issue" and slamming down a newspaper which features the X Men on the front page page, battling Magneto and causing millions of dollars in damage

This is a new start and that means, no Halle Berry, no Anna Paquin, and (Thank God) no "Last Stand". So how would this all new, all different X-Men franchise look? There's endless possibilities! Let's start with the first film. The X-Men should already be an established team in first movie. No need for the entire film to be an origin story. The opening credits can briefly explain how Xavier recruited his X-men, their endless battles with Magneto and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, and their struggle to live amongst homosapiens. In this version of the X Men, there's a revolving door. Several team members are inactive including Colossus, Psylocke, Angel, Beast, Iceman, and ShadowCat. Their whereabouts could be mentioned throughout the film. Currently the roster consists of Cyclops, Jean Grey, Wolverine, Storm, Rogue (absorption only), Nightcrawler and the newest recruit, Gambit. Storm met Gambit in Louisiana while on a solo mission. He saved her life and she invited him to join the X-men.

The film should open with the wedding of Scott Summers and Jean Grey. Wolverine is envious of Scott and decides to miss the wedding on purpose. He goes to train in the danger room instead. Since Jean and Scott are going away for a couple weeks for their honeymoon, Storm will be taking over as field commander and Psylocke and Angel will be rejoining the team. PSylocke and Angel are a couple who were on a leave of absence, due to a serious injury Angel obtained in their last battle with Magneto. During a danger room session featuring a simulation of Magneto, he freezes up. He's still not over his near fatal encounter with Mags. He feels like a liability.

***Magneto is only seen 3 times in the movie. First, a danger room simulation, second, Charles Xavier visits him in jail to ask about Sebastian Shaw, and third... (Skip to the end)

I'm so tired of seeing Magneto and Mystique as the main villains of every X Men movie. In this movie, the antagonists would be the Hellfire Club and the Sentinels. These are able to adapt their shields to certain mutant abilities. So hit them HARD the first time because you may not get a second try. The Sentinel project would be bankrolled by the Hellfire Club. Their plan is to eradicate the world of mutants, except for those with exceptional abilities that would benefit the club. Those mutants would be captured, and brainwashed. Some will undergo physical alterations, others will have their abilities/power heightened and forced into slavery under the Hellfire Club. Sebastian Shaw is secretly planning to destroy/replace his rival Emma Frost with another powerful telepath. Emma Frost's empire is growing and he's afraid she may eventually overpower and overthrow him, becoming the new leader of the Hellfire club. Jean Grey and Psylocke are on his radar. He attacks Jean and Cyclops on their Honeymoon. The Hellfire Club would consist of Sebastian Shaw (Black King), Emma Frost (White Queen), Donald Pierce (White Bishop), and Harry Leland (Black Bishop).

There would be 5 big battle scenes.

1. Danger Room Sessions : Magneto VS. Wolverine, Gambit Nightcrawler, Angel, and Rogue

2. Honeymoon in Paris: Harry Leland/Sentinels VS. Cyclops and Jean Grey

3.Out on the town (NYC streets):

A. Sebastian Shaw/Donald Pierce/Sentinels VS. Storm, Psylocke, Nightcrawler, Rogue,and Angel- Psylocke & Angel are captured by the Hellfire Club.

B. Wolverine VS. Gambit - At a local bar, Wolverine gets drunk and starts talking trash to gambit. They end up fighting and destroying the place. They also miss a distress call from Storm.

4.Hellfire Club compound: Harry Leland/Donald Pierce/Emma Frost/Psylocke/Guards/random mutant slaves VS. Charles Xavier (via Cerebro/astral plane) Nightcrawler, Rogue, and Jean Grey- Epic battle between Jean & Besty (Psy). Xavier takes down Emma Frost. Rogue is an expert with her absorption ability. She basically walks through the place touching people and taking their abilities and knowledge to navigate and battle through the Hellfire Club's compound.

5. Sentinel factory: Sebastian Shaw/Archangel/25 Sentinels VS. Cyclops, Storm, Wolverine, and Gambit- The rest of the X-men joins the battle later. An awakened Psylocke tries to bring Angel back from the dark side

After The Hellfire Club kidnaps Psylocke and Angel, They are tortured and experimented on. They eventually transform Psylocke into the Ninja/Psychic and Angel is transformed into Archangel. Psylocke also becomes the Black queen .

The film ends with the X-men defeating Sebastian Shaw and his sentinels. Psylocke uses her telepathy and love to bring Archangel out of the darkness. S.H.I.E.L.D arrives just in time to arrest Sebastian Shaw and swipe the Sentinel technology. Nick Fury thanks the X-men for their hard work and effort and says he'll be keeping an eye on them lol.

Even though Psylocke saves Angel, they part ways. They both have changed so much & need to find out who they are on their own . Psylocke decides to go back to England and Archangel stays with the X-Men.

(after credits) Magneto is broken out of jail by Mystique. On the way out he notices his children, the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver on a television screen fighting side by side with [The Avengers](movie:9040). He tells Mystique that he has to visit some family while they're in town.

Of course that isn't the entire film. These are just random big ideas that could possibly make a worthy X-men movie. Also The X-men movies need to feel more like an ensemble film. Not "Wolverine and the X-men". This way we really get to see the team working together and not letting Wolverine do all the heavy lifting. We would also finally get a chance to know these characters and introduce more new mutants.


Charles Xavier- Terry O'Quinn

He's Age appropriate, bald and a fine actor. A good #2 to Patrick Stewart. His version of Charles Xavier would be a bit of a bossy asshole. He only wants the best from his X-men.

Scott Summers (Cyclops)- Samuel Page

I think Samuel Page would do the "Boy scout" some Justice. Straight and narrow, right to the point, tactical, vanilla Scott Summers.

Jean Grey (Marvel Girl)- Karen Gillan

She's one of the most powerful Telepaths on Earth. She's also the awesome sister you never had. Confidant to most members on the team and willing to sacrafice her all for her teammates.

Ororro Munroe (Storm) - Lupita Nyong'o

Since her accent his already Kenyan, there would be no need to fake it! Sorry Halle. This version of Storm would definitely be the thief, street smart, lock-picking ,mother nature, goddess, Regal, claustrophobic, near omega level mutant, version from the comics. And we gotta have the mohawk!

Logan (Wolverine) Jackie Earle Haley

Before Hugh Jackman played Wolverine, most people knew him to be a short, crazy, hairy, muscular, badass. Let's go back to that. Jackie would definitely need to put on at least 15-20 lbs of muscle to pull it off.

Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler) - Jonathan Tucker

Johnathan Tucker is a great actor with an even better body.He could definitely pull of the a German ,God-fearing, blue elf in some kind of tight blue leather or spandex uniform.

Anna Marie (Rogue) Eliza Dushku

This version of Rogue needs to be vulnerable, sexy and willing to stomp bitch when necessary. She should also have a sexy yet athletic figure. Her work on Buffy proves she's got the right stuff to pull off a great Rogue. At some point I could see the X-men battling with Avengers (over silliness) and Rogue accidentally steals Captain Marvel/Ms. Marvel's powers.

Warren Worthington (Angel/Archangel) - Jared Leto

I believe Jared Leto could combine a Stuck up rich boy, wounded hero, arrogant playboy, underdog, and a Crazy mutant killing slave into Warren Worthington.

Elizabeth Braddock (Psylocke) - Michelle Dockery

Well, she's British! lol She and Jared Leto would make a very cute couple. She looks like she could easily be transformed into "Ninja Psylocke" with awesome make-up and a prosthetic or two. She would just need to do a few push-ups to really pull off her transformation lol.

Remy Lebeau (Gambit) - Alex Pettyfer

I'm not certain how good his Cajun is, but he definitely has the sex appeal, swag, scruff and that hint of danger to begin channeling Remy Lebeau.

Sebastian Shaw (Black king) - Bryan Cranston

We all know that Bryan Cranston is amazing when it comes to being bad. Now let's make him Powerful Billionaire mutant, bent on tking over the world. Let's see where he takes us...

Emma Frost (White Queen) - Charlize Theron

She's fit to play a queen and just about any female super-hero. Her role as the Evil queen in " Snow White and the Huntsman", showed us how awesome she was at playing a Crazy, powerful, bitchy, extremely vain, witch/queen. Sounds like Emma Frost to me! And just imagine all the revealing outfits and furs she would parade around in.

Harry Leland (White Bishop) - John Scruti

Dye his hair red and there ya go! He's also a very good actor. He did some great work on the FX show "Rescue Me". I'm more than certain he'd give us a solid White Bishop.

Donald Pierce (Black Bishop) - Chase Crawford

From what I remember, Donald Pierce appears to be 10 years older than Chase Crawford . I believe he's also the youngest member in the Hellfire Club. I think Chase would bring more of a spoiled rotten, arrogant, cat killer lol, Beverly hills rich kid kind of feel. It would be a new twist for the half man half cyborg character.

Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto) - Liam Neeson

I can already see him reciting great speeches about world dominance and ridding the planet of homo sapiens. Just gold!!

Raven Darkholme (Mystique) - Olivia Munn

Basically, she already looks like Mystique without any make-up. I could definitely see her in a look cloer to the 90's version. A Red bob with a skull in the center of her forehead, blue skin and some kind of metallic (alien-like) uniform that consists of a crop top and a long double split skirt.

In the next few posts I plan on illustrating how X-men 2 and X-men 3 would look in my alterniative universe. I'll also incorparte the impact the X-men would have on the rest of the Marvel Universe.

Let me know what you guys think? Does it sound like a hit or a miss? Is it at least better than the current X-men films? lol


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