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Warner Brothers' big screen venture into Superhero action-horror, Justice League Dark, has been floating up and down along the lazy river of rumorland for quite a while now - but it seems that, finally, we have a substantial hint that the film is coming! A Forbes exclusive confirmed that the script has been sent to WB for weekend reads, where it will be reviewed and notes will be made for any changes.

That's a Day Yay if I ever saw one.
That's a Day Yay if I ever saw one.

This, of course, might be a turn in the right direction for shows like Constantine: despite the show being fairly well-rounded in this writer's opinion, the fan base simply hasn't caught on with the sort of mania that surrounds DC's other shows, like [Arrow](series:720988), [Gotham](series:1127075), and most recently, [The Flash](series:1068303). The company seemed adamant about not crossing over TV and Movie universes, but putting Constantine in the lead of Dark would certainly help his ratings.

While horror and heroes haven't had a lot of mixing in their cinematic past, Justice League Dark and films like Kevin Smith's upcoming [Yoga Hosers](movie:2210300) seek to break that barrier and present fans with a terrifying, supernatural and gorey look at this vigilante team. We've seen superhero spy films - and superhero sci-fi films - but I truly think that fans of comic book movies are ready and waiting for horror to make it's presence known within the world of Supers.

Personally, I hope this film is a hit. Del Toro's background in horror and fantasy will make for some incredible otherworldly scares, and heck, this might open up the playing field for classic monster-style comic characters such as Swamp Thing. Now that is a Del Toro film I'd pay money to see.


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