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Way back in 1983, we were treated to the finale of George Lucas' initial vision for the Star Wars. Many fans can debate for hours on end to whether or not Lucas should have made his prequel trilogy. True it has its flaws (I'm talking Death Star sized flaws); but it also has some excellent moments as well.

Now it is easy to say, "I never would have done that," or "if I were Lucas, this is how it would have been;" but fact remains, we'll never know. You see, you and I are not George Lucas, and you and I did not create Star Wars. We did not envision all those alien species, wonderful planets, and people running around with lightsabers. So let's cut Lucas a little slack, he gave us Star Wars!!

On that note....if I were George Lucas, or if I were a fan travelling back in time with all the knowledge I have today. Had I the opportunity to add a post-credits scene to the end of Return of the Jedi, this would be it. But before that, it greatly saddens me that all the "Expanded Universe" of Star Wars has been revised and labeled as mere "Legends," because some of this is great stuff!!!

Cue Star Wars Theme Music....Credits begin to roll.

John Williams......a true Master of the Jedi!
John Williams......a true Master of the Jedi!

The Emperor is dead, the Rebellion is victorious, and the Empire has fallen....or has it? Will every general, admiral, and stormtrooper just give up because the Emperor and Darth Vader are gone? Will the Grand Moffs just let go of their tight grasp on the galaxy, and will every governor relinquish his territory?

Of course not.............

There will STILL be war in the galaxy! There will still be STAR WARS! The war will still be between the Empire and the Rebellion; but where the Rebels have unity, the Empire will also be fighting within itself. If the Empire is to remain in control of the galaxy, it will need a leader whom everyone will follow.

It will need a leader of great intellect, great tactical prowess, and great strength.

Here is my post credit scene.

Camera pans to show a military outpost orbiting an unknown planet. A ship with a familiar horse-shoe feature comes from the bottom of our screens, moving rapidly. As it fills the screen, and begins to grow smaller now that it is moving away; we see that it is the center vessel, leading a squadron of X-Wings already in attack formation. They begin to make runs on the space station.

We hear the voice of Han Solo tell Rogue Leader he better not let a scratch get on the Falcon. Rogue Leader responds and we hear the familiar voice of Luke Skywalker saying something doesn't feel quite right. Rogue Squadron makes several runs effectively disabling the station, and begin to form up before making the jump to hyperspace. As each get the coordinates locked in, sensor reading begin to go off.

The camera pans to four Imperial-class Star Destroyers just coming out of hyperspace each flanking our Rebel heroes on one side. An indicator on the control panel of Luke Skywalker goes off; he is being hailed. He flips a switch and a hologram appears. In this hologram is a humanoid wearing an admirals uniform. The humanoid has blue skin and the most menacing red eyes; a species Luke had never encountered before, and that gave him a bad feeling.

I am Grand Admiral Thrawn! You are surrounded; power down your engines and prepare to be boarded. Comply, or we will open fire.

Luke urged his squadron to immediately make the jump to hyperspace! They would escape, barely. Thrawn had caught them by surprise, but he had been just slow enough. Luke knew then that the war was not over, the Rebellion had won the Battle of Endor, they had even defeated the Emperor and Darth Vader. But the war was far from over.

Camera fades to black.

I hope you enjoyed my little scene, if you thought there was too much build up, I apologize. Also, take note that the things going on in Luke's mind would not be stated or written on screen; these are conclusions the audience draws as the characters reach them.

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