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Hey, everybody! I'm Nate and this is my first article; so I thought that I would begin by posting about one of the films I am most anticipating. Coming up, I will mention the actors we know for sure are on board and my thoughts on their parts. Then I will mention some of the plot details we've been given and what I think that will mean for the story and future of the "DC Movie-verse" (see what I did there). Warning! Some speculation below.

The Actors

Ben Affleck: Bruce Wayne/Batman

Ben Affleck: Bruce Wayne
Ben Affleck: Bruce Wayne

Despite people's disdain for Affleck, I am actually looking forward to the star's take on Batman. What I hope to see is that genius super-sleuth that we all know Bats to be, but have yet to see on screen. From the images and information given to us online, I think Ben will be great.

Henry Cavill: Clark Kent/Superman

Henry Cavill: Superman
Henry Cavill: Superman

Cavill, I thought, was a great Superman in [Man of Steel](movie:15593). Having an alternate origin for the character, and the pinnacle moment with Zod (that I won't spoil if you've not seen the movie. What rock have you been under?!!!). I believe that very moment will cause Kal-El to make the decision he made years ago in the comics.

Gal Gadot: Diana Prince/Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot: Wonder Woman
Gal Gadot: Wonder Woman

This has been, perhaps, the most controversial casting of the whole film. I'll admit I was surprised too Gal was not even on my radar for the part. But, again, maybe I just have more faith in WB than most; but I believe she will pull it off quite well. Now for the majority of the film Gadot's part should be minor as this is a Batman/Superman film. Near the end should see her don the [Wonder Woman](movie:45787) costume.

Jesse Eisenberg: Lex Luthor

Eisenberg has proven himself as a smart charismatic actor through the last few years from The Social Network to The Double. His part in the film, I am greatly excited to see, below I'll mention more on that.

Ray Fisher: Victor Stone/Cyborg

Jason Momoa: Arthur Curry/Aquaman

Now I'm not saying much on the last two mostly because I don't have much to say. I'm not thrilled about bringing Cyborg into the picture so early in the game. Especially considering I was hoping to see a team a little closer to the original Justice League for the first big screen appearance as opposed to the New 52 iteration (Even though I would've settled for Jon Stewart as Green Lantern).

As for [Aquaman](movie:264237) well I am excited to see him; yet I do feel, along with many others, this movie is becoming over-crowded. I hope these have small cameo roles.

Plot Details

So we know the big bad of the film is, more than likely, Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor. I feel that Luthor will be a manipulator behind the scenes. We have rumors that the President will die in the film via an extra. Personally, I believe that will be courtesy of Lex Luthor and, as an added bonus, a bid for his presidency. That is if all of this is true.

The cause of the initial fight between Batman and Superman, I believe will be the destruction of Metropolis and the world-wide invasion of aliens combined with Batman's general distrust of, well, anyone. If the films opening sequence is still the football game, then you can bet whoever wins the game will have their respective hero win in the battle. (Yes, I'm calling it.)

As a general layout of the film here is how I would handle it:

Act One: Batman battles Minor Villain. This will serve as an introduction to Batman since we have already been introduced to Superman. And Lex should be revealed as the boss behind the crime.

Act Two: Batman battles Superman. This is after all what the movie is titled.

Act Three: Batman/Superman battle Lex (or henchman). This should be the climax of the film that will tie up the loose ends. Whether or not Lex will actually be arrested for the film will remain to be seen.

Well Moviepilot fans there's my take on [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870). Hope you enjoyed my first article as well as that little bit of speculation here at the end. Last, let me request that all profanity be left off the comments below out of respect. I won't on your posts or comments (whether you do or not). Thanks.

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