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All the posters below are my original creations. Follow me on Facebook & Instagram at Ryan Crain Design. Contact me at
Ryan Crain

I wanted to showcase some of the posters I have made over the past year, of movies that I think should be made or be rebooted. In this time I have created a variety of posters covering almost every genre from action to love stories.

PS this is me courtesy of Justin Novak Photography
PS this is me courtesy of Justin Novak Photography

This piece took forever to make, there are 1920 hand placed small versions of me to make the ranks of the troops. Labor of love but happy it's done!

Each piece I have created has special meaning to me and my end goal for each was to learn, grow and hone my design skills. In most of my pieces I try to capture a moment or a feeling and get you the viewer excited about seeing the film.

I am such a huge movie nerd and have been my whole life and even though I don't do this as a profession the passion is there. A special thanks goes out to the Moviepilot staff and you the viewer for always being supportive of my work. Thank you for giving me a forum and an audience to share my art and my true love for movies & the imagery associated with them.

I love using light in my work and really pushing extremes and trying to create imagery that Hollywood would never green light. With each poster I grow so much and I hope it shows. These aren't in any special order, some old and some new but I wanted to give you guys a variety.

Please leave me comments about what pieces you like and if you have any ideas for future posters let me know. I do this for you guys the viewer and to get my art seen by the masses so please share and re-post. If you like what you have seen. Please check out my other work in my MP gallery.

Thank you and happy movie going! -Ryan Crain


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