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1. The hero should die or just lose

Done, i said it. Don't get me wrong, i love to watch the hero fight against the villain and save the day, but i always wonder what would happen if the hero just died or if the villain won. And i am not saying that he/she should die at the end of a franchise, like his last battle or something, i am saying that the hero should die in an unexpected way. Like at the second installment of a franchise and let everyone say 'what the hell'. The only movie that made that ,(that i can remember) is 'The Skeleton Key'.

2. Stop with the sexual content in horror movies

Okay, it never hurts to see pretty people enjoying themselves, but if its not important for the story, just forget it. Not showing that, doesn't make the movie less entertainment, specially because people will go to theaters for the gory and scares.

3. More badass female characters

Those days where men saved the girl are over , movies are starting to show that woman are more than capable to defend themselves, horror movies are doing it for a long time. But i am talking about those characters that can kick butt and not care about getting their hands dirty. I want to see that more in superhero movies, a female hero that can be just as powerful as their male companions.

4. No need for franchises

Not what you think...I really enjoy franchises, they are the life of my movie marathons, but i just think that if you can tell everything only in a movie or at least in a trilogy, thats enough. I don't care if i enjoy the movies, i just don't want to see my beloved franchise loses its way, like 'Fast and Furious' movies, i red that they want at least three more films and i was like 'REALLY?!'. What could you possibly show me that i haven't seen it in the previous films?, not even the death of one of the cast members affected that?. People just need to learn, how to say goodbye.

5. No more remakes

It is nice to see your favorite films, introduced to a new generation, with a modern look...But if if you are going to show me the same exactly thing, please don't. I am better off with the original. Why spend so much effort and money on something that has been already done? Really, Hollywood, just stop, give me new things, things that i haven't seen before, surprise me.


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