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I have been having a general chat and FRIENDS came up! Chandler, Monica, Rachel, Joey, Phoebe and Ross were all the main characters and there is a load of us wanting to see them come back together one last time! Phoebes crazy comments are deeply missed. They are unique and original and we want to see more! How are Monica and Chandlers children? Have they grown up well? Well we hope. How is Ross and Rachel's daughter Emma. Hopefully she is fine. Also Ben we assume that he is living well.

The one off episode does not have to tie in with the 10 Seasons it could just simply be a bonus episode of how they have progressed on. Or as we saw at the end of the last Season they all went for coffee. Maybe the one off episode could lead off of that Episode? Then see them all go their separate ways.

It would be really good to see a one off episode and I hope one day it happens!!

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