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There has been an awakening...have YOU felt it?
Aminia Junior Swaggie

Local TV news station KOAT-7 revealed a setting of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. And this setting seems to be the one of a temple.

The Zack Snyder directed film has spawned countless of rumors, but this one is almost certainly true, since the video shows what seems to be Themyscira, which is [Wonder Woman](movie:45787)’s home island. Of course, we will get just a taste of Paradise Island in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, with the full flavor coming only in 2017, when Wonder Woman is scheduled for release.

About Wonder Woman, all we know for certain is that she will indeed be the daughter of Zeus. It remains to be seen whether the rumors concerning the same approach Marvel had with Thor are true. In the same way, we still don’t know if Wonder Woman will indeed be set in the 1920′s.


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