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Most of you may have seen the title of the Doctor Who Christmas Special and it is "Last Christmas". Does this signify the end for Clara Oswald played by Jenna Coleman? Jenna is keeping her lips sealed about whether or not if she is actually leaving.

If she does leave, how will she leave?

Walk Out- Will she do what Martha Jones did and just leave? Will she return back to her normal life and carry on teaching at Coal Hill School. Can she really put all of the travelling in Time and Space behind her?

Death- Is Clara Oswald going to die? I know it is a really bad thought but it is a possibility. In my view In really do hope she doesn't die. She can't die she is the impossible girl! She is everywhere. But we all know Moffat's powers. Look at how Amy left. That was dramatic. But technically she didn't die straight away. She was send back in time and had a normal life.

Well we shall have to wait until Christmas to find out!

"Last Christmas" airs Christmas Day on BBC One. Time is to be confirmed.

Promo picture for "Last Christmas"
Promo picture for "Last Christmas"


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