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Ly Velez

So I'm not really a Dancing with The Stars fan, but when I heard that they featured a Super Mario Bros. themed freestyle on the latest episode, I was on YouTube in the blink of an eye! Sadie Robertson from Duck Dynasty and her professional dancing partner Mark Ballas paid the stout Italian plumber a lovely tribute complete with super fun set props and classic songs from the beloved games. Check it out!

I love that our friends Luigi and Toad made an appearance too!

P.S. I'm also really digging the pink high tops!

The only one sadly missing is Yoshi :(

Admittedly, the dance number was kinda of weird at times, but that might also be a result of the fact that they were breaking it down to the Mario theme song! Nevertheless, the number was essentially perfection when it comes to aesthetics, from the adorable Peach and Mario outfits to the mega sized pipes, slippery banana, and Koopa shell in the background! Ya did good set designers...ya did good :D


What did you think of the Mario themed dance number?


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