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For those of you who hated the bland human characters in last June's Transformers: Age of Extinction (as well as all of the Transformers films in general), your nightmare has arrived.

YouTube user marlinfan1995 decided to recut footage from Michael Bay's final Transformers movie and take out the Transformers. The result is a family comedy movie that you'd likely see on ABC Family or Lifetime (with an actual A-list actor, of course).

Hmm...even as someone who didn't completely hate the fourth Transformers movie, this video really shows how banal the dialogue between the human characters was. Does anybody even remember the generic daddy-issues plot? All I remember is Mark Whalberg calling his daughter's boyfriend "Lucky Charms."

A scene from Transformers: Age of Extinction.
A scene from Transformers: Age of Extinction.

Nevertheless, the editor did a superb job of completely changing the tone of the movie. This actually looks like a trailer I'd see in real life. The inspirational music and tacked on comic relief at the end reminded me of a trailer for a Nicholas Sparks movie (specifically, The Last Song).

All I can say is that if you watch Transformers movies for the human drama, then this trailer will have you buying the Blu-ray right away.


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