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Being a dad has gotten me back into superheroes like when I was a kid.
Kurtis Korwan

This is my first post to MP after reading it for quite a long time. For the sake of honesty and being upfront with the readers, this post is about a project I have been working on with my family and friends for almost half a year. It's called SuperHeroKids, and it features kids between 5 and 10 playing the part of our favorite superheroes.

Basically, after watching myriad YouTube videos with my kids for a couple of years (funny cats, Minecraft, HISHE, etc.) we decided we wanted to have some fun and make videos of our own. So we decided on our shared love of superhero movies. Now, after nearly four months of production and scheduling around work and school, our first episode has been uploaded and is ready to view.

It centers around the Dark Knight as he battles an enemy from the past with a penchant for destruction. Batman must stop him before his evil plans destroy Gotham and everyone who lives there. Question is: can he do it by himself, or will he have to rely on help from a certain friend in blue?

Running about eight-minutes long, this video even features a real-life Batpod, courtesy of Parker Brothers Concepts, stars of SyFy's "Dream Machines."

Check out the video:

There are other episodes planned, with one in the middle of shooting at the moment. The Tumbler will also make an appearance in the near future, so stay tuned as we try to make fun videos for all to enjoy, and have a good time as a family while we do it. We hope you enjoy what we have put together.

We have a Facebook page set up at:

If you comment, please be kind as these are young kids putting their whole hearts into the project. Thanks, and Happy Thanksgiving!


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