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Now, whether you loved or hated the newly released Jurassic World trailer, there's no denying that it was a big, bold, bombastic take on the epic dinosaur franchise. The thing is, though, one of the things we've always loved about the Jurassic Park series is that it combined that action-packed adventure with some serious chills and scares - to awesome effect.

Now, odds are Jurassic World is set to do the same - and the trailer definitely hints at that - but for the most part we haven't really had the chance to get a sense of just how scary it might be.

Never fear, though - because, as always, the internet has found a way.

Just like life...
Just like life...

Specifically, an awesome, fan-made alternative trailer has emerged, created by filmmaker Jared Pelletier - and it's pretty darned awesome.

And, better yet, it provides us with a darker, creepier and more chilling take on the movie - teasing it as a more horror-tinged movie than the original.

You can check it out for yourself below...

It's far more of a teaser than the original, obviously - so the effect it's going for is very different - but it still manages to capture a lot of what made the initial trailer so exciting. Plus, it adds a thicker layer of ominous foreboding, and that's always good...

So - what do you guys think? Does this new trailer work even better than the original? Take a look at the original, and let us know below!

So, what do you guys think?


Which of the Jurassic World trailers do you prefer?

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