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Christmas is almost here and everybody is feeling the merry feeling coming close to December, even the worlds protectors! Just because they're saving the world, doesn't mean they don't have time to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year! Even if they're in full costume...

The Hulk

Poor misunderstood Hulk is proving people wrong in saying he's a complete rage monster. He is the one person who I would not like to get in a snowball fight with because it would probably end in broken bones for anybody against him..


Everybody knows Shazam is a kid at heart, quite literally. Here he is enjoying some stocking-filling with some of his allies in DC, both Batman and Superman are neatly being placed in the boots of Wonder-Woman and Batman himself. He looks like he's enjoying himself though!

Justice League

This picture is just how you would imagine it.. Everybody having fun, snow-fighting while Batman is the the one who stands out being the one who hates fun. Maybe he's just jealous because he doesn't has a snow-related gadget to compare with everybody's powers. Poor Bats.


Theres one crisis bigger than Lex Luthor or General Zod on the loose and that is ensuring Santa Clause can fit down some chimneys. Who's your bigger hero in this picture?


If there was anybody who I would've thought loved Christmas it definitely would have been Spidey. He's just a happy guy who is all about spreading some joy. Except when you're Toby Maguire..

Justice League (Sad Bats)

I know this shouldn't make me sad but c'mon, look at it! Batman is completely out of the party, even though he probably declined to go in the first place... But even Martian Manhunter is there! Get your crap together Bruce!


Enough of sad Bats! Here he is soaking up the joy from Christmas with everybody. All the family are here and even the villains have made an appearance! Crime can stop during the Holiday Season, right? Well not in Arkham City; The Game, but just pretend.

Marvel's Finest

How fun does this present exchange look? What would you even get Captain America.. This looks incredibly festive and it's hilarious how obvious it is that Wolverine doesn't want to be there.

Batman (again)

The Batman ones are the best in my opinion and even Christian Bale's Dark Knight needs to get some gifts from Mr. Clause himself. The Tumbler is the wonderfully wrapped gift this year for Bats. Happy Christmas Bruce!


Who would you like to spend Christmas with?


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