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Did you want to see a live-action version of everyone's favorite 1990's Japanese- video-game-animated-series-monster-fighting-fest, Pokemon? Well, if you did, I have to tell you there are currently no plans for one. However, we might have the next best thing.

Surprisingly, mashing up Game of Thrones with the Pokemon theme tune results in something that not only works, but actually looks kind of cool. Could this be what a live-action film of Pokemon could look like? Check out the mash-up below:

I mean, if we really think about it, Daenerys' journey across Essos does kind of mirror Ash's own adventure around Kanto. In some ways Dany's conquering of city after city with her fire-breathing beasties could be seen as synonymous with Ash's conquering of gym after gym, right? Sure, I guess, Game of Thrones does feature a bit more sex and violence than Pokemon ever did.


Would you like to see a live-action Pokemon film?

Source: GeekTyrant


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