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Good news, True Believers! From the sounds of Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn's recent comments, we might actually be set to see everyone's* favorite Guardians - Rocket Raccoon and Groot - get their own spin-off movie.

*Full disclosure, my favorite guardian is still totally Star-Lord.

Speaking to, Gunn spoke briefly about the chances of any of the Guardians getting a solo outing - and it might just be good news...

"I'd like to see solo features from all of them. Obviously there's a great Rocket and Groot movie that could come out of this. I love many of the characters. I love all these characters so much..."

Now, that's a long way from confirmation that there's a Rocket and Groot movie in development - but since Gunn seems to have been more-or-less given the Marvel Cosmic Universe to make his own, his suggestion that there's "a great Rocket and Groot movie that could come out of this" may well mean there's more than just an idea floating around.

I mean...duh.
I mean...duh.

What's more, Gunn might even be able to be persuaded to direct it. After all, as he puts it...'s hard to say who I would like to see made into a solo movie by someone else. It depends on who that someone else is. The truth is, I'd rather not see a solo movie made poorly by someone who didn't understand the character and whose heart wasn't in it."

And, if there was no-one out there who understood the character - who better to take the reins than Gunn...

The big question, though?

What Would That Movie Be?

Well, it seems to me that there are three main options...

An Origin Story

In which we get to see a young Rocket escape from all manner of scrapes, before teaming up with the monosyllabic Groot - possibly even touching on the comic-book Rocket's past adventures on the planet Halfworld.

There, Rocket was a Texas-ranger type lawman, who protected the planet from external threats. Add in a heist narrative, and Nathan Fillion as his sidekick Wal Russ (yes, that was a thing, and an actual anthropomorphic walrus), and you've got yourself...a really weird episode of Firefly.

The problem, though, is that Marvel doesn't seem to be a big fan of giving their characters origin stories after they've already been introduced - at least so far.

So, perhaps we'll see...

A Phase 4 Space Adventure

Let's say, hypothetically, that the Guardians end up interacting with The Avengers during The Infinity War movies - and that, at the end of that storyline, and Phase 4, one or more of them decide to hang out on Earth for a while. After all, Star-Lord might want to spend some time with his grandpa, and Gamora might want to spend a little time getting to know Star-Lord without being shot at.

Rocket and Groot, though? They're more the wandering kind.

So, a potential spin-off could easily see them heading off into the depths of space, and possibly even interacting with some of the cosmic heroes that'll likely (or, at least, possibly) be introduced in Infinity War.

Richard Rider, a.k.a. Nova, being dragged around the galaxy by Rocket and Groot, anyone?

If that doesn't work out, though, they could always just make...

Planet Hulk, but with Rocket and Groot Hanging Around

Which...would be a pretty weird thing to do - especially as Marvel seems to have no interest in making that particular movie.

But, honestly - who wouldn't want to watch The Hulk become emperor of a dystopian, gladiatorial planet, while Rocket and Groot cause trouble along the way.

Or, better yet, we get to see Planet Hulk as a secondary subplot in the background (the only chance we're likely to have) while Rocket and Groot spend two hours periodically crossing over into the action, and trying to steal The Hulk's crown jewels?

No? Just me?

Well, either way, I'm just hoping to see the duo on screen as much as humanly (or raccoonly, or talking-treely) possible...

Here's the big question, though:

What do you guys think?


What form would you most like to see a Rocket and Groot solo movie take?



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