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As you can expect, the new Jurassic World trailer dropped some fairly large references to the classic and much loved 1993 original.

Perhaps most notable of all was one of the establishing shots showing the iconic Jurassic Park gates redesigned with a monorail and new signage. I'm sure it was supposed to inject some major nostalgia right into your face, but it actually turns out this shot will not be in the final movie.

On Twitter, director Colin Trevorrow revealed that the shot was actually created purely for the trailer and used a lot of CGI elements. He also claims that the final product will feature a full practical gate made of the old-fashioned stuff - so don't worry, from the sounds of things, the gate will still be in the movie. He Tweeted:

Now, let's take a look at those iconic gate moments again.

However, if you're feeling nostalgic for the original gates, you can still see them. Well, what's left of them.

The Hawaiian island of Kaua’i has many beautiful areas of outstanding scenery, and many of them were used when filming both Jurassic Park and Jurassic World.

Of course, all the major sets were dismantled, but you can still see the main poles which were used to construct the gate. Not as impressive as the finished product, but certainly worth a trip if you find yourself trekking through Kaua’i.

The path just beyond the 'gate'.
The path just beyond the 'gate'.

Some of the criticism of the trailer was that the CGI elements didn't look all that impressive. However, what we must remember is that this movie is still 7 months from completion and visual effects work can often go right up to the release of a movie. Expect these elements to be more polished in the final product. Hopefully.


The CGI in the trailer looked...

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