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The best Rocky movie...

For me It will always be the first It's Iconic and the movie that has inspired millions of people It really is the true underdog story. The loser getting the shot at the title out of sheer luck. Yeah it's a one in a million shot in reality but if we loved the realities of life we wouldn't have movies would we!

For me Rocky has something for everyone It's a romantic drama with action fair enough Rocky isn't beating people to death and isn't really considered an all out action movie but still the Apollo Rocky fight won awards that's how good it was

Now I'm not trying to sell the film to anyone It does that itself but if you haven't seen the Rocky saga it's really worth watching.

I could go on forever about why it's my favourite Rocky movie and my favourite movie of all time! (Braveheart takes second but it's still no Rocky) but what's the point?

Everyone knows the story of Rocky and what It means too them but the one thing we as fans can't agree on is which of the six Rocky movies is the best, No matter how many people I ask I always get a different answer I've even heard people say they prefer the fifth movie to the sixth (Crazy right)

I mean for all it's faults it does have a few decent parts the Micky flashbacks I loved but It was still a bad movie, All we wanted was to see Rocky in the ring and we didn't get that It's not that it didn't lack heart it just didn't have that big finale

Out of them all I'd personally rank them in this order


Rocky II

Rocky III

Rocky Balboa

Rocky IV

And then Finally Rocky V

So that's it really for my first article my favourite movie

What's your favourite Rocky movie and why ?

I'll leave with my favourite quote from the whole Rocky saga and no it's not the "You know how winning is done" Speech

Adrian: There's one thing I want you to do for me.

Rocky Balboa: What's that?

Adrian: Win...

Adrian: Win!

That speech alone is enough to resort a grown man to tears!


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