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WARNING: Don't read the article if you haven't seen the Season 4, Episode 21. Spoilers ahead.

Awkward has been a show that many teenagers have been able to relate to. But now Awkward has taken a whole new turn.

This is one of the best episodes of the season. Through out the season episodes have been lacking. This isn't the best episode of the whole series but has ranked at an 8 due to how it compares to the rest of the season.

During the episode, there are multiple events that happen with each character. Some very important news have been revealed. Val almost dies from a shark but has an epiphany and decides to live life to the fullest.

Now to rank the top five moments of the episode:

Number 5: Tamara's Engagement

Tamara gets engaged to a man she meets at a bar. She believes that he will be heading out of the country for leave but learns that he is only leaving to California and they will be spending 9 months together. It was a lot longer than she expected.

Tamara tells Jenna about engagement
Tamara tells Jenna about engagement

Number 4: Sadie Admits Love

We are used to Sadie and her own ways but this episode we see Sadie get flirted on with a very handsome man. She declines him as she realizes what she has when it's gone. She goes back to the 'beach house' and expresses her love to current boyfriend. This is a new side of Sadie.

Sadie confesses her love.
Sadie confesses her love.

Number 3: Baby on the Way

Jenna's mother is now pregnant with another child before going to college. This will be the second time that a child has stopped her from her college dreams. Will the second baby stop her from going to college again? Doesn't matter if she goes or not, there is a baby on the way. This is big news and can change the way Jenna acts. This will allow for both her mother and her to mature.

Number 2: Jake Sleeps with Gaby

Jake sleeps with Matty's girlfriend, Gaby. Jake still hasn't given the news to Matty but when the news comes out, friendships may be broken and Matty be single again. This is going to be a curve ball in the season for everyone. This will effect Jenna and her decision when it comes to Matty. But it will for sure effect the bromance between Jake and Matty.

Matty is told to leave Jenna alone by her mother
Matty is told to leave Jenna alone by her mother

Number 1: Matty Realizes Soulmate but Jenna has a New Man

Matty realizes his mistake with Jenna. This could be the changing episode where everything starts to get really hectic between Matty and Jenna. This is the last season of Awkward and the ultimate question will be answered. Will Matty and Jenna have their happily ever after?

This episode shows Jenna moving and her mother telling Matty to back off. Through Matty's biological father, Matty realizes that Jenna might be his soul mate. Jenna has a new boy on her mind with he marine who is doing good with his life and takes an overwhelming interest in Jenna.

But it might be too late, as stated in the episode by Matty and Jenna's mother. He had his chance.

Do you think Matty and Jenna will have their happily ever after? What's your favorite moment of the episode? What are your thoughts on the episode?


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