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Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto franchise has never taken itself too seriously. Every game is packed full of enough lewd puns, penis jokes and outrageous caricatures to keep a 15-year-old boy giggling for days. But some of the funniest situations in the games are often things the developers never actually foresaw happening. GTA glitches have become legendary in gaming culture for being downright hilarious and absurd, yet somehow perfectly fitting within the already outlandish virtual playground! So with that in mind, here are some of GTA V's funniest bugs that still seem thematically appropriate...

Who Invited the Cops?

Two of the game's protagonists, Michael and Trevor, sit down for a friendly fireside chat. Everything seems normal enough, until a glitch in the game accidentally lets the Los Santos Police invade the cutscene!

They begin shooting up Michael's house while the two carry on chatting, seemingly unfazed by the SWAT squad's sudden appearance.

By the end of their conversation the pair are covered in blood and hot lead - It's a hilariously slapstick scene, only made slightly less insane by the fact that Trevor would undoubtably take a barrage of bullets without even flinching!

Attack of the Clones!

This player starts to realize something strange is up when he spots two identical versions of Michael's daughter, Tracey, wandering around the house. Naturally, he quickly knocks one of them out to see if she's real.

He then heads downstairs to find the foyer full of an army of construction worker clones! There's only one thing for it...

Mosh-pit fistfight! The strange thing is, I could quite easily see this absurd situation being part of one of the game's wacky side missions.

Watch the full video to see how the fight ends (clue: poorly!):

World's Dumbest Detective

This diligent park ranger attentively surveys his area, ever watchful for the slightest indication of a crime taking place. 'Nothing over there.'

'Nope, nothing over here either.'

'Yep, everything seems fine.' Keeping the streets of Los Santos safe - a job well done sir! The ranger's comedic incompetence makes me wonder whether Rockstar intended for this type of stuff to happen.

Evel Knievel Ain't Got Nothing on This Guy

This is less a glitch than a mad-skillful piece of physics trickery, but I'm sure Rockstar didn't know this would be possible! In what might be the greatest wall-ride since Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, Youtube user VaNilla manages to defy gravity on a trusty old bicycle.

He lines up his approach on top of one of the tallest buildings in the game, before switching to first person mode for maximum drama.

Leaping off the edge the daredevil somehow manages to keep control of the bike, but how is he going to survive?!


And to top it all off, lands safely in front of a suitably impressed spectator. Perfect.


Which glitch was your favorite!


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