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Karly Rayner

Somebody started singing the Digimon theme tune in the office today and I was pelted with a hazy wave of nostalgia for the plucky army of digital monsters.

I watched this show as a kid, but when I googled my favorite Digimon's names recently, I unveiled an insane subculture of sexy Digimons that I just had to share with you guys.

Introducing the Seximons, who in my eyes, aren't really appropriately dressed to become digital champions...

Raunchy Renamon

Image: Xenon1001 of Deviant Art

I knew she was everybody's favorite Digimon, i just didn't think it was in that way.


Gatamon Does Glamour Modelling+

Image: Rockmanzxadvent via Deviant Art

Gatamon isn't a kitten any more... And she looks thrilled about her pornification.


Poolside Posing with Veemon/Ex-Veemon

Image: X-Bulmon-Sama of Deviant Art

My how you've grown... Now if only your posing pouch would too.


Lilimon Lets Loose

Image: Nikoh of Deviant Art

This flower girl must have a damned good corset!


Doluramon Presents: Dat Ass

Image: Werewolf_Dragon on Deviant Art

Brings a whole new meaning to becoming an upright citizen.


Gender Bending Guilmon

Image: Ben 300 of Deviant Art

If you've ever wondered what Guilmon would look like as a buxom babe, now you know!


Are the Seximons digital champions in your eyes?


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