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Finally, zombies are coming back to Call of Duty, and from the looks of this new trailer they're nothing like players will remember them!

The insanely successful first person shooter franchise, Call of Duty, has dominated the online multiplayer world for the last 6 years or so, in part due to one particularly popular game mode: zombies.

Zombies mode lets players fight co-operatively against increasingly difficult waves of the undead horde, until they're finally defeated and promptly eaten alive. In previous Call of Duty games the zombies have taken the form of possessed Nazis, who were rather slow walkers. But now, 'a new breed' of agile killing machines are on their way and they're nothing like we've ever seen in a Call of Duty game before!

They're called Exo Zombies, and are heading to your consoles in January as part of a downloadable add-on for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Want to know what you can expect? Here's a breakdown of the incredible brand new trailer...

An Enlightening Distraction

Right at the start we see the player lighting a flare before hurling it in the distance. Could flares be used to distract the zombie horde this time round? Or perhaps they'll let your teammates know where you are if you need help? In any case, it's an interesting new feature that could provide some crafty tactical options.

Scarce Supplies

The player checks his ammo clip to find it empty! Resources have always been in short supply in zombies mode, and it looks like it'll be no different here.

Ghost Chopper

A totally bad-ass stealth camouflaged helicopter comes swooping down, just in time to shred the undead runners into little fleshy bits. Will this mark the first time that vehicles and kill streak rewards will be usable in zombies mode?! I certainly hope so.

A New Breed

The developers weren't lying when they said the zombies would be a different breed than before. They move at a frighteningly fast pace on the ground and, if that wasn't enough, can take to the skies too, leaping onto the chopper! Think The Last of Us's athletic zombies, rather than Resident Evil's sluggish walkers.

Bigger Map size

As you take off in the helicopter the sheer size and scope of the undead horde is revealed. If there's anywhere close to that many on screen at once in the final version, players are in for an unforgettably epic battle!

Exo Zombies mode is included with the Havoc DLC pack due for release in January.

Here's the full trailer:


Will you download the new mode?


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