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It's all about Bonnie in The Vampire Diaries news at the moment, but unfortunately for her legions of fans, this time it's not for an uplifting reason.

TV Guide has spilled some spoilers about how our favorite witch will hold up in 1994 in upcoming episodes, and it sounds like it will be an emotional white knuckle ride. The spoiler in question reads:

Bonnie, who has thus far stayed strong in her crazy situation, will be dealt another crushing blow that leads to a breakdown

But, what exactly could this crushing blow be? When Kai's involved, the sky's the limit when it comes to the extreme sadism Bonnie could face. But is there a possibility the news could come from the outside?

What are your thoughts on the event that will cause Bonnie to finally break down?


Where do you think the blow that will cause Bonnie to breakdown will come from?

(Source: TV Guide)


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