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If you were as devastated as me when you realized festive Bonnie's return in The Vampire Diaries was nothing but a flashback, you'll be heartened to hear big boss, Julie Plec, officially confirming that we will definitely be seeing our favorite witch again.

Although we will defintiely be getting Bonnie back in season 6, she might not be exactly the person we remeber after her long an arduous ordeal with Kai in 1994. Or, in Plec's words:

Bonnie’s storyline is actually one of my favorite things this season. She’s going to come back different, and I think different in an exciting way. We get to shape Bonnie in a whole new way

I'm a huge Bonnie fan, but I am super psyched to hear that she will be coming back a changed woman. As a character, her storylines always seem to revolve around self sacrifice for the sake of others, and I can appreciate how this is getting a bit tired.

A new and darker Bonnie who is less afraid to show her own emotions could be exactly what the character needs, and I can't wait to see her interact with the characters that have been waiting for her for so long!

I have a feeling she might not be who they are expecting...

If you want to hear it from the horses mouth and here some bonus info on Plec's view on Bamon, watch this video of [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853)big boss chatting to Fan Zone below:


Do you think Bonnie's character needs a revamp?

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