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Filmmakers can seem to go one of two ways at the moment: They can fork up for one of those giant RED Dragon HD cameras (that probably cost the equivalent of my entire life's income), or they can go the opposite route and use a smartphone (although admittedly they are still ridiculously expensive).

Take, for example, Jennifer Help Us, a new indie horror film shot entire on an iPhone 4s.

However, don't think this is just a simple gimmick to hide an otherwise drab and formulaic horror. From the looks of the new trailer, there's a lot more going on in Jennifer Help Us than its meagre production suggests. The trailer actually captures the style of late 1970s and early 1980s horror flicks quite well - and guess what, it's not even found footage. Take a look below:

Jennifer Help Us is a story about a vengeful high school senior, whose violent kidnapping of a fellow student, collides with her town’s haunted house and its brutal past.

Jennifer Help Us will premiere at the Another Hole in the Head festival on December 15. I can't find any information on a wider or online release, but I imagine it could make its way on VOD platforms if it's successful at the festival.

In the meantime, head over to their Facebook page to be kept up to date on the project.


Jennifer Help Us looks...



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