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Thanksgiving is all about hanging out with friends and family and stuffing yourself with more turkey, pumpkin pie and yams than is humanely possible. If you like food - and lots of it - it's the greatest day of the year.

But have you ever stopped to think what's on the menu for our favorite Disney characters? Luckily, we have to wonder no longer, as those clever folks over at Oh My Disney have produced some delicious artwork showing what Ariel, Snow White and the rest of the gang chow down on this time of year.

But I must warn you: what you are about to see might make you very, very hungry.

Sleeping Beauty

A nice balanced diet here for Aurora and Phillip. Plenty of greens and few carbs should ensure a peaceful nap after mealtime.

The Little Mermaid

Some local delicacies on offer in the Ariel household. Not sure how Sebastian feels about having stuffed crab on the menu though...

Beauty and the Beast

Bella and Beast's Thanksgiving menu is ideal for those of you with a sweet tooth. Also comes with lashings of the grey stuff.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

With seven extra mouths to feed, it's no surprise Snow has opted for a basic-yet-hearty menu. Lack of fruit options are understandable considering her history...


There's no fancy food being served at Merida's table. Instead, the guests will get a traditional menu with the onus on "basic-but-filling." And if stuffed sheep's stomach is your thing, then this is the dinner party for you.


Whose Thanksgiving menu is the most delicious?


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