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Faking it has been a show that takes on the ideas of complicated teenage life. But Faking it has done very well with discussing real issues that some teenagers dealing with their sexuality would deal with.

During Season 2, they have went through the ideas of betrayal and forgiveness. After last night's episode, Karma finally came to the journey of forgiving Amy. Amy slept with Liam during the time that Karma and Liam weren't together.

Throughout the episode you see the challenges that Karma, Amy, and Lauren deal with. Each challenge exposes their fragile side to what can hurt them.

Best Moments of the Episode:

Firstly, Lauren comes out as inter-sex to the public in today's episode, which is an empowering moment. She is accepted and doesn't have to face her fears of rejection. She is running for president at school and the inter-sex might help her campaign. The real issue here is what is going to happen with her and her new boyfriend.

Secondly, the issue of Karma and Amy. They both sit in jail and Amy goes through her one minute speech of the night that hurt Karma. At the end of it, Amy just spills her heart out, leaving Karma to start the journey to forgiveness.

Lastly, Liam agrees with his father to get Squirkle after losing Karma. He feels as if there is no way of solving the relationship with Karma. This is going to have a large effect on the characters in the future. This will for sure have a strain on Karma and Liam's relationship in the future. I will predict that the Squirkle issue will come when the start to rekindle and fix their relationship.

Overall, the episode put everyone in a fragile state of mind and from now on the episodes will be reflecting the journey of each character and how they fix the issues.


Does Karma need to forgive Amy?


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