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I'm back *Batman voice*

With the recent success of DC TV shows I'm hoping we'll get a Batman TV show in the near future will it happen I doubt it but one can hope right?

Right now we have Arrow starring the great Stephen Amell kicking ass and taking names on a Thursday night (UK) and The Flash speeding onto our screens every Tuesday played by the awesome Grant Gustin (who should also be The Flash in the Justice league movie but never mind)

And it got me thinking besides the Camp batman we had in the 60s we haven't had a live action Batman series, Yeah we have Gotham which I'll admit is actually surprising me and we have Bruce Wayne played by David Mazouz but and this is a big but we won't get to see him put on the cape and cowl for another ten years according to series creator Bruno Heller which sucks! If it was me I'd have set it up so that It could flash back and forwards and have Jim Gordon talking with Batman about his rise from detective to the legend that is Commissioner Gordon but that's my personal opinion which on the internets means nothing!

Now I Know we are getting Batman VS Superman Dawn of Justice in the near future and I'll reserve judgement on Batfleck until my butt is firmly in my seat at the cinema. I learnt my lesson when I said Heath Ledger would make a terrible joker, Now In my defence I'd only seen him in teen movies before that but never mind I was wrong, very, very wrong

Back to my original point! I think Capitalizing on the fact DC is winning the war on TV versus Marvels Agents of Shield with yet another DC series could only be a good thing! I've heard rumour of a Teen Titans show coming out in the near future but my question is why not a Batman series?

It's not like they couldn't come up with enough material for a TV show and If they found the right actors for it we could have another phenomenal DC show gracing our TV screens once a week like the rest of them!

Obviously with the plethora of superhero TV shows already on our screens it's not like we're crying out for one more but it we were wouldn't it be the big daddy of them all Batman

It doesn't need to be an origin story we all know how Bruce became the Bat it could literally start anywhere in Bruce Wayne's career as the Dark Knight. He could be an ageing seasoned veteran with the battle scars to prove it or he could be putting on the cowl for the tenth time in his career it doesn't really make a difference does it?

Let's bring Bruce Wayne back to our TV screens!


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