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Here is another great Star Wars news story for today! A source has informed our friends over at Slash Film of the possible plot for Gareth Edwards' (Godzilla) upcoming 2016 Star Wars spin-off.

They report the rumored plot of the film will see a group of bounty hunters hired to steal the plans for the Empire's first Death Star battle station.

Reports Slash Film:

As rumor has it, the story follows a group of bounty hunters who were hired for the job — think the Seven Samurai or Suicide Squad meets Ocean’s Eleven in the world of Star Wars.

Neither Disney, nor Lucasfilm, would comment on this matter, so take this as a rumor for the time being. However, we sincerely hope this is the plot of Gareth Edwards' upcoming Star Wars film! How awesome would it be to see some of the galaxy's best bounty hunting scum infiltrating a still under construction Death Star? Pretty damn awesome, if you ask us!

More info as it becomes available.

(Source: Slash Film)

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