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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Whenever I think of serial killers in the movies, I often go back to Se7en and Kevin Spacey's John Doe. It's the moment when Brad Pitt's rookie cop Mills finally uncovers the lair of the killer and discovers the macabre treasure trove of diaries and crazy scrawling that always sticks with me. What must it be like to get a look inside the depraved mind of a mass murderer?

Well, we can now get an idea thanks to the discovery of some eery photos belonging to one of the US's most notorious killers.

In 1979, serial killer Rodney Alcala was finally apprehended. After years of raping and strangling what police estimate to be anywhere between 7 and 130 victims, he was executed in 2010.

Since his brutal killing spree, authorities have released over 1000 photographs of young women and teenage boys, which he took in the guise of a fashion photographer.

These images truly offer a rare and chilling chance to see the world through the eyes of a serial killer...

Most of the subjects have not been identified

Detective Patrick Ellis told Vice:

A handful of women (less than 30) identified themselves as having posed for the pictures. His collection included co-workers, classmates, girlfriends, family members, and strangers, but less than 10 admitted to knowing him personally.


Many of the pictures are sexually explicit

Chillingly, Rodney Alcala seemed committed to the pursuit of women for his own twisted ends. He even appeared on The Dating Game, but was rejected by contestant Cheryl Bradshaw because he was 'creepy.'

The subjects don't seem to sense danger

The relaxed body language of the subjects is eerie given the horrible acts we know Rodney Alcala committed. Mack notes that Alcala had the typically overconfident attitude of a psychopath:

You see an attractive girl in a bar and you probably won't talk to her because you think she'll shut you down. Well, he wasn't afraid of talking to anyone. He could talk them into posing for his photographs, and it worked over and over.

This is still an ongoing investigation. If you can help police identify any women in these photographs - which were all taken before 1978 - contact Huntington Beach Police Detective Patrick Ellis at [email protected]

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