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It appears that the Grim Reaper has made an appearance and John Constantine will be fighting for the life of his show on TV airwaves. Right before the Thanksgiving holiday, NBC executives notified that cast and crew of Constantine that it would halt production after they film the 13th episode.

This comes as a mild surprise to viewers as the show had a decent debut. By all accounts (check out our reviews), an already strong show was steadily improving. Due to an October start, NBC officials had to make a decision whether to renew or end the series after only four episodes, where most shows typically get a seven-week run to get their legs under them. In an ironic twist, only hours after making the decision to halt production on Constantine, its fifth episode had a 38% bump in its audience.

The show follows John Constantine and his paranormal investigation of the supernatural elements residing secretly in our world. Constantine is adapted from the long-running DC/Vertigo Comics series Hellblazer and its horror theme seems to be a perfect fit in its Friday at 10pm time-slot, which follows Grimm.

In the end, NBC is hedging their bets. They have officially halted production on the show after completion of the 13th episode. However, that doesn't rule out the possibility that the show could be renewed for a second season. NBC doesn't seem to be abandoning the program as series lead, Matt Ryan, made an appearance on NBC's Thanksgiving Day Parade promoting the show. As showrunner Daniel Cerone points out:

Constantine is not canceled. You watch, we live...Constantine [has] higher ratings than Hannibal and CLIMBING. Sleepy Hollow 4.6, Flash 3.7, Constantine 3.5, Arrow 2.6, Supernatural 2.5. [And] we have worst time slot. Keep faith!

Obviously the ratings would have to continue to grow and there will have to be a measurable outcry from the fanbase. Cerone makes a strong case that it is politics, not numbers that is determining the decision. So if you are a fan of [Constantine](movie:874314), now would be the time to begin refreshing yourself on your enchantment spellcasting and letting your voice be heard by NBC, by both tuning in and on social media. The show will stop production after the 13th episode, but the show is not officially dead. And if anyone can be reborn from the dead, it's John Constantine.

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