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I, like many other people in the world, am a HUGE fan of the Jurassic Park film series. I watched those films as a kid, and although I loved them, for a long time, I lived convinved that a T-Rex hid out in the room at the end of the hall at night (the room i now currenly sleep in *gulp*) along with Mr Hyde 2.0 from "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen."

I have a very active imagination, folks. Don't ask.
I have a very active imagination, folks. Don't ask.

The Jurassic Park films, to me, are quite frankly some of the best ever made. Visually, those films, made in '93, '97 and '01 STILL hold up in 2014, next to the mass of CGI creatures, monsters, superheroes and anything else you can think of.


Guys, that's REAL. That's not CGI. Someone BUILT that. Someone actually built a full scale T-Rex, that blinks, moves its head, twists its head, opens its jaws, can bite and grip on to things, and can move the upper half of it's body.

For a film.

They built that for a film.

I'm gonna need a moment.
I'm gonna need a moment.

So, when you have killer (no pun intended, i promise) films like that, and 21 years later, someone goes "Hey, we're going to make a sequel!" you have two acceptable reactions. "Hell YEAH!" or "Hell NO!". My reaction was firmly in the "Hell NO!" - they're going to ruin it, it's going to have a sh*t story. If Sam Neil and Jeff Goldblum don't return there's literally no point in making it. I mean shoot, at least include the grandkids, just make a connection.

Then i thought about it. REALLY thought about, and my love for Jurassic Park taking over i was SUPER excited! I followed every bit of info, what new dinosaurs they were including, how they were including them, what the plot would be, (I didn't care about any newbies they cast to be honest) and the idea that for this film, we would see John Hammond's idea fully come to life - an up and running, fully functional park - sounded nothing less than epic. (because you KNOW the more perfect the park seems, the more wrong everything will go, and hey, after all, that's what we're here for)

Then the teaser trailer dropped, and i couldn't contain my excitement. Every shot, seemed like an ode to the old films,

Running/Driving with Dinosaurs

Looking up at Dinosaurs (amazement optional)

Frowning and "Complex" Computer Systems

And of course, the MUSIC! They kept the music! The tune we all know, the one we can all probably hum, a slowed down version was used for the trailer, and the entire thing instilled hope and faith in me.

Until this.

A plethora of bad CGI. An entire 2 minutes and 40 seconds of dissapointment.

Now, am I saying that the trailer is crap and by extension the film? No, of course not. It's not a bad trailer, my problem lies within the visuals of the trailer. Literally everything appears to be CGI, down to the doors of the park. I get that this is the park up and running, it's supposed to look cool and I guess futuristic, but the visuals themselves, do not look good. They are poorly done.

Perhaps the trailer isn't accurately representing what the visuals will be like in the film, but surely it should? This isn't a trailer for a game where you get that annoying "Not actual game footage" footnote. This is actual footage, from the actual movie, and quite frankly, I'm unimpressed. It didn't wow me, it didn't get me pumped, it left me feeling somewhat deflated, as this sequel/spin off? to a brilliant and classic film series, is not in any way reminscent of its predesscors in it's overall vibe and feeling.

I hope that the next trailer for [Jurassic World](movie:32752) will be better, and I REALLY hope that the film has taken inspiration from the incredible animatronics on past films,

and by inspiration, i mean, use a mix of animatronics and CGI, and not just CGI.


What do you think of "Jurassic World" so far?


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