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For over a decade, Barbie dolls have been the most sought after toy for almost every little girl. Well, not anymore folks! There's a new queen in town! Sorry Barbie, it's time to say goodbye to your pretty pink pedestal...

Although it's been exactly one year since the record breaking animated film was released, it was obvious that the frenzy hasn't even come close to settling down. Back in October, [Frozen](movie:411685) snagged the title of "Most Searched Costume Theme of 2014" with 1,192,000 internet hits, which includes searches for Elsa, Anna, Olaf & other characters.

And the Frozen victories don't stop there! Coming in at the number one spot for this holiday season is none other than Disney's Frozen! The billion dollar international hit has managed to replace Barbie, who's been top dog for 11 years running, as the number one little girl's toy of the season. In a survey conducted by the National Retail Federation, a whopping 20% of parents are planning to get their little ones Frozen themed gifts while only 16.8% remain loyal to Barbie. Check out the whole list below.

2014 Top Toys for Girls

1. Disney Frozen

2. Barbie

3. Dolls (generic)

4. Monster High Dolls

5. American Girl


7. Tablet/ iPad

8. My Little Pony

9. Disney Doc McStuffins

10. Apparel

2014 Top Toys for Boys


2. Cars & Trucks

3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

4. Video Games

5. Hot Wheels

6. Xbox One

7. PlayStation 4

8. Transformers

9. Remote Controlled Vehicles

10. Marvel Action Figures tied with Tablet/ iPad

Now, as cool as Frozen is as a whole, a huge contributing factor to its popularity is probably the fact that it empowers women and doesn't focus on the girl's need to be constantly saved by a prince. I'll let a mom explain why the Frozen gals are great role models for kids:

Without going into too many spoilers, let’s just say that Frozen‘s climax does not involve a man coming to the rescue of a starry-eyed princess. The princesses at the center of this story—sisters Elsa and Anna—are defined by their unique upbringing and estranged relationship to one another, not by the men in their lives. They are fully fleshed out characters with a wide spectrum of human qualities including love, fear, loneliness, anger, frustration, bravery, and vulnerability. What drives the film is Anna’s longing to connect with her sister and Elsa’s struggle to protect Anna by keeping her distance. The stakes couldn’t be higher for them. Romantic love is an aside, a subplot; the men are supporting players in this love story between two sisters. I have no problem with them being role models for my daughters.

It's ok Barbie, honey. It's about time you bow down to the true queen!


Are you surprised Frozen has taken over?



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