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The TV show for [The Flash](series:1068303) on the CW has been going on a while now, and fan theories abound. Of course they do because it's shaping up to be a pretty good plot. Now, for those who aren't familiar and may want to watch it at a later date, stop reading now. There are most definitely spoilers ahead. Go watch the episodes and then come back, okay? Okay. Now onto business. Druuuummm roll please!

Barry Allen's mother was killed by a blur of yellow and red. We know this. And looking at the comics, it seems a no-brainer that it is Reverse Flash. This is where it gets interesting in my mind. For one, it could be or it might not be. Perhaps a later version of The Flash realized that to become The Flash, his mum had to die? Maybe he tried to save her and royally screwed up? Well, let's just stick to the theory with his nemesis, Reverse Flash. Partly because of the image down below.

CW set images
CW set images

There were a few available, but I picked this one because A) you can see the face better and B) let's face it it's hilarious. For more on the set photos, check out the article written by Darth Tardis here.

Supposing the person who killed Barry's mother is the Reverse Flash, I see multiple possibilities. The first is that Harrison Wells could indeed be the Reverse Flash. The latest episode of The Flash ended with Wells looking at the power sucking villain affectionately nicknamed Blackout and basically saying 'you stole Barry's powers and I want to know how you did that'. He then takes a sample of something from the dead body in a syringe that looks like something out of a science fiction movie. Now, maybe you're thinking 'but Wells doesn't have the powers, so how could he kill Barry's mother?' I have a possible answer to that also. In the comics, Barry is able to travel so fast he can actually ignore the laws of time at one point.

With that in mind, Reverse Flash could execute the same kind of maneuver to go back and kill Barry's mother. Now maybe you're wondering why I just killed off my own theory about Wells being Reverse Flash. I'm not crazy, don't worry. I didn't kill off the theory. Wells has already proven he is kind of crazy. I mean, he's a cool character but let's face it: he shows signs of being a little insane. Maybe just insane enough to kill off a completely innocent person. However, the current Wells wouldn't have been able to do that. He wasn't even in town. Joe West already proved that theory. However, Joe West can't prove where the future version of Wells is at, can he? And Harrison Wells might do it. After all, he's very determined to keep The Flash as is. If no-one went back and killed Barry's mother, then Barry wouldn't have become a forensics specialist, and he wouldn't have been in the lab where he was hit by lightning. Therefore he wouldn't have become The Flash. Problem for Wells? Most certainly.

That being said, there's also a possibility that somehow, when Wells came up with a formula to steal Barry's powers, Eddie Thawne took it. Or fell into it. Anyways, we know supernatural events like that have a habit of making your head a little messed up. Just look at the Hulk from Marvel if you need any proof. In the comics, Barry ends up with Iris. A fact which I'm hoping they carry over to the TV series, but unfortunately there is no proof other than The Flash telling Iris she's 'worth being on time for'. Aww. Anyways, if they follow canon and Barry ends up with Iris, that could potentially leave Eddie with some resentment towards Barry, therefore making him a target of Reverse Flash!

For more speculation on just this subject, look here and here. Before you check out those wonderful articles though, comment below! Tell me your innermost thoughts on this very topic!


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