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Alright, Jurassic Park franchise fans...Thought you'd finally processed the idea that Jurassic World might actually be a front for an evil bioweapons company, funded by the government? (Yup, that's totally a thing...)

So, get ready for even more Jurassic Park-themed fan theory awesomeness - courtesy of the ever-awesome reddit community. Specifically, intrepid redditor JamesRenner, who recently pointed out something really quite intriguing that seems to be going on underneath the surface of the recently released Jurassic World trailer.

And, as it turns out, that something might just reveal that...

An Important Plot-Point for Jurassic World was Teased in...Jurassic Park?

Wait, what?
Wait, what?

Yup, that's right - it looks as though the underlying plot of Jurassic World - or at least a key element of it - might have been teased all the way back at the very beginning of the franchise, in 1993's classic Jurassic Park - and, now...

That Plot Might be Hidden in the Trailer

Tell ya what. Take a look at the new trailer for Jurassic World, and keep a particular eye out for the scene right at the start, where Judy Greer's mom says goodbye to her kids...

Greer's character's last words before sending her kids off to a dinosaur world were:

"I'm really proud of you for going on this trip. You're going to have so much fun."
And, because parental cruelty is fun...
And, because parental cruelty is fun...
"And remember...if something chases you. Run."

Now, aside from being a pretty tactless thing to say to a kid, considering all those people that got eaten in the original Jurassic Park, that also seems to imply that there's a whole lot of story here that we haven't heard yet.

I mean, why is she so proud of the kid? Is he scared of boats? Of dinosaurs? Of Chris Pratt's velociraptor motorcycle gang?

Sorry, BAD-ASS velociraptor motorcycle gang.
Sorry, BAD-ASS velociraptor motorcycle gang.

And, as JamesRenner asks, "Why are they going without their mom and dad?"

Well, if Renner is right...

It's All Because of This Classic Scene in Jurassic Park

Take a look at that exchange again...

Donald: And we can charge anything we want! Two thousand a day. Ten thousand a day, and people will pay it! And then there's the merchandise...

Hammond: Donald, Donald, this park was not built to cater only to the super rich. Everyone in the world has the right to enjoy these animals.

Donald: Sure, sure they will. We'll have a coupon day or something.

So, what Renner is arguing is essentially just this...

What if the Owners of Jurassic World are Actually Having a Coupon Day?

Also, a hat sale.
Also, a hat sale.

After all, everything we've seen and heard so far seems to suggest that the company that now owns Jurassic World, the Masrani Corporation, is a little on the suspicious side.

If, as Donald Gennaro suggests in the video above, they've been charging obscene amounts of money per ticket, maybe they've set up a coupon day for less wealthy visitors? Which would explain the apparently ridiculous queues...

Seriously, they only get two people in each of them
Seriously, they only get two people in each of them

And, in fact, could tie in with the fact that those kids seem to be the nephews of Bryce Dallas Howard's character. Perhaps she was able to get the family two coupons, using her influence, but not enough for the parents to go too. Or, if that part isn't true, they presumably just can't afford more than two tickets...

Either way, though, that's going to seem like a pretty sweet deal once they find out about all the people that got eaten...

That "run" joke isn't going to seem too funny then.
That "run" joke isn't going to seem too funny then.

What do you guys think, though?


Will Jurassic World be Having a Coupon Day?

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