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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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You can be the most committed horror fan and sometimes you'll still have to look away. Well, maybe not look away, but at least wince or wish you didn't happen to be eating at that particular moment...

Special effects in horror movies are a huge part of what makes them great, and there's pretty much no limit to how insanely depraved and vile the imagery can be. Check out some of the worst of the worst...

1. Listen up, you maggots...

2013's Contracted brought the gross SFX like a pro: a necrophiliac-induced contagion causing pink-eye, facial decay, and maggots where there definitely should not be maggots...


2. Self Harm

Watching the downward spiral of Esther (Marina de Van) as she becomes fascinated with cutting, slicing and scraping her own skin off with various sharp objects made extreme French grossfest In My Skin a tough viewing experience.


3. A Close Shave

Eli Roth's Cabin Fever is a fairly ridiculous horror romp for the most part, but that necrotic leg-shaving scene always makes me look away. Fun fact: Roth was inspired to make the movie when he caught a flesh-eating virus. He really did peel a strip of skin off when he was shaving.


4. [With Teeth]

Anything to do with twisted dentistry is pretty foul - I remember seeing the cover for the VHS of Brian Yuzna's The Dentist in a rental store as a kid and losing sleep over it for weeks. However, there are examples of butt-clenchingly horrific dental torture I can think of in more recent years: the teeth removal in Oldboy and The Human Centipede II...

Oh, and in Kill Bill, which is pretty impressive for an animated scene.

'Luckily for her, Boss Matsumoto was a pedophile.' It's the sound of the teeth creaking that really makes this one... pop.


5. The Really, Really Evil Dead

There are many masterfully repellent moments in Fede Alvarez' 2013 Evil Dead reboot. Feel free to rampantly disagree, but the top three Evil Dead rancid moments are as follows...

The Eye Needle

The Face Sawing

The Knife Lick

The moral of the story is: sometimes, remakes can truly surprise you.


It's worth noting that I've been horrified by Charlotte Gainsbourg's scissor-clitorectomy in Antichrist or Beatrice Dalle's gleeful C-section in Inside, but I'm afraid I can't show GIFs of those moments (hey, this isn't that kind of site!)

What's your most horrifying, retch-inducing horror movie SFX moment?


Has a horror movie SFX moment ever made you vom?

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