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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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I'm lucky enough to have the privilege of writing about an array of cute, crazy and downright cool things on this here portal to the world of geekdom, but nothing has tickled me as much as the notion of "sweded" movies.

Originally hailing from the beautifully twisted mind of Michel Gondry and his movie Be Kind Rewind, "sweded" films are movies, or trailers, remade on a shoestring budget.

In Be Kind Rewind, Jack Black's Jerry and Mos Def's Mike have to recreate every movie in a VHS rental shop, due to a magnetic accident, and because of the great lack in quality of their home-made movies, they lie and say the films are from Sweden. "Sweded", boom.

This format took the interweb by storm and led to some amazing fan made swedes, some of the best coming from YouTube contributors Dumb Drum, who have recently taken on Marvel (and Lord Whedon's) CGI extravaganza Avengers: Age Of Ultron. This swede is truly spectacular. Check it with your eyes...

Can't watch it? I'm pulling out the stops for this...



Howd'ya like dem apples?

Real Cap

He's looking real dejected here.

Swede Cap

Pretty nice in the 'burbs, why the head hang?

Avengers Assembled

Hulk been bad.

Bunch Of Mates Gathered

They're mad cause he didn't buy paint.



Ultron's Distant Cousin

Still pretty badass.

A Futuristic Lair

C'mon Ultron, clean up a bit mate.

A Present Day Lair

That's more like it!

Chris Hemsworth Is...

Dashing in a red cape.

Russell Crowe Is...

Lost on the interstate, perhaps?

Man, that swede was absolutely fantastic! You have to tip a hat to the extreme creativity of the internet sometimes! Makes me want to start retaining cardboard and maybe ask for a mass supply of felt pens for Christmas...

(Sources: Dumb Drum & Marvel Entertainment via YouTube)


How good was that swede?!


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