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With the 'deadly' Walking Dead mid-season finale almost upon us, I'm practically on the edge of my seat waiting for Sunday evening. Luckily, the talented folks over at Entertainment Weekly are just as enthused about The Walking Dead as I am, and have given us a little gift to ease the anticipation.

Taking each episode we've seen so far in Season 5, they have reimagined the episode in a classic old school promo art style. The results speak for themselves, take a look and be prepared to chuckle:

Episode 1: No Sanctuary

"For one woman the apocalypse wasn't hell...It was target practice." So so good, and the fire-y walkers just cap it off.

Episode 2: Strangers

After the apocalypse there is only black, white, and red.

Episode 3: Four Walls and a Roof

I can't add anything to this posters, it's simply perfect.

Episode 4: Slabtown

Yes! The Beth-centric Slabtown episode was definitely something straight out of a weird mystery sci-fi novel.

Episode 5: Self Help

Two of the best hairstyles ever to grace your TV screens together in one powerful duo.

Episode 6: Consumed

I love the van in this one, especially because it seriously looked like that van could never have landed on its wheels. Seriously, how?

Daryl and Carol consumed by love!? I don't know if this is a film I'd want to see to be honest, I much prefer Daryl and Carol as a couple of bad-ass walker killing friends more than a romantic duo.

Daryl Dixon is: stone cold.

Episode 7: Crossed

Paying tribute to the best walker kill of the entire season thus far: The Daryl Dixon bowling ball walker head kill. So, so good.


Which was your favorite poster?

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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